Kingdom of the ocean 2

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Kingdom of the ocean 2

     Kingdom of the ocean 2

    Francine Leo Leo II the Wizard the thief

    By: Abdullah Shah

    Once upon a time, there were three fish in a kingdom under the ocean. The dad’s

    name was King Leo. The mom’s name was Queen Francine. And the son’s name was

    Leo II. Leo II was now a young male fish. They took their son to The School of


    “I’m bored,” said Leo II as he sat in the car.

    “You better cheer up because it is your first day of school as a first grader,” said

    Francine while she was sitting.

    Meanwhile at the school

    “Ahhhh,” screamed the kids as they ran!

    “Where is that new kid in the school?” shouted a masked dolphin!

    “I can’t hear you, pretended the principal, “the kids scream too loud!”

    The masked dolphin who was the thief, threatened the principal with an atomic bomb, so she typed the password in the computer and the thief had access to all of the kid’s information.

    Just then Leo II came in! The thief ran past Francine and picked up Leo II and got him into his van and drove off. He ransomed Leo II for a lot of money as he knew that Leo II was a prince.

    Right at that moment Francine swam as fast as she could after the van but she was too slow in her skirt. So she stopped. She called the police to report that her child was kidnapped but she was teleported to the desert called, “The Place of No Civilians, by a

    transporter gun by two of the thief’s henchmen so she couldn’t call the police. Her phone

    had no signal and she was trapped!

    As soon as King Leo heard this he was very mad and sad and eventually he called the police. He drove everywhere to find his wife and son.

    The thief got to his house and tied Leo II in chains and locked him in a dungeon. Leo II was stuck no matter how much he tried to break the chains. He prayed and prayed and the chains began to melt with the power of prayers and his dedication. He screamed so much because the chains were so hot. Then the whole dungeon and house of the thief began to melt. The melted steel and iron became a grayish liquid. There was gray liquid everywhere and the liquid began to cool down.

    Leo II escaped because the molten liquid became handles for him to hold on and he climbed it, while the thief and his henchmen were stuck in a pile of cooled down metal.

    A wizard, who was actually Leo II’s science teacher, suddenly appeared and

    teleported Leo II to his school with his mom, along with himself. He teleported the thief and his henchmen to the most guarded and worst prison ever. The thief and his henchmen said they would never ever do it again to anybody.

    “Who are you,” asked Leo II

    “I’m your new science teacher,” said the wizard “I hid on the back of the thieves

    van and that was how I got there.” The principal was happy that the kid was safe and

    back with his parents and also that, the school’s science teacher helped in rescuing the kid. Everyone in the school was happy to know that Leo II was actually a prince as he was son of King Leo.

    “You’re so cool,” shouted Leo II, “teach me some tricks too!”

    “Ok, I will do that once we are back home,” replied the wizard.

    And the family and the wizard lived happily ever after. ~THE End

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