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1. be good to sb.

    be good for sb.

    be good at sth. 2. add up sth. add sth. up

    add up to


    add to

    3. want to do sth. 4. notuntil

    5. finish doing sth. 6. help sb. (to) do sth.

    help sb. with sth. 7. plan to do sth. 8. get sth. done

    have sth.done

    9. let sb. do sth.

    10. be upset (adj.)

     upset sb. (v.) 11. ignore sb./sth.

    12. somewhere quiet

    13. calmdown (v.)

     keep calm (adj.) 14. have got to =have to 15. be concerned about/for..

    as far as sb./sth. be concerned 16. go on holiday

    17. ask sb. to do sth. 18. take care of

    19. walk the dog

    While walking the dog

    20. get loose

    21. be hit byhit-hit-hit 22. taketo

    23. pay for sth.

    pay money for sth.

    pay sb. for sth.

    pay sb. money for sth. 24. take ones end-of-term


    25. cheat in the exam 26. by doing

    27. should have done 28. tell sb. to do sth. 29. someone elses paper

30. work out

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