unit9 self check29009

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unit9 self check29009

     时态 基本结构

    翻译下列句子 一般现在时

    1.He thinks that it will be diffcult for a robot to 一般过去时

    do the same things as a person. 一般将来时


    2.Our school is made up of about 6 hundred 过去完成时

    students and 44 teachers. 含有情态动词

    3.Lucy used to be less beautiful than her 一。Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of mother. given words.

     1.This kind of cake______(taste) a little salty. 4.孩子们将在家电脑旁学习。 2.Was the floor _______(sweep)yesterday.

     3.He _________(prefer)listening to music to 5.在中国人们初次见面时应该握手。 ______(watch)TV.

     4.English is widely_______(use)around the 6。人们可能活到200岁。 world.

     5.Its used for_____(see) in the dark. 7。预测未来可能是困难的。 6.Many people think the light bulbs give

     people more time_________(work)and play 8.100年后人们将增多?污染将减少。 every day.

     7.I would be______(good)to have a car then. 9。我的衣服过时了。 8.I want my son_____(come)back in a few


    10。黑板是由玻璃和木头制成的。 9.In old times,_______(abacus)were used to

     count to count numbers.

     10.Its ________(real)cold outside. 1.Passive voice. .改为被动语态

    2.判断被动语态的依据________ 1.They invented electric slippers last year. 3.被动语态的时态及其基本结构。 Electric slippers____ _____ last year.

    2.They use shoes with adjustable heels for the people and the factories around. changing the style of the shoes. A.polluted B.was polluted

    ___ ____ ____ ___ ___ _____ for changing C.has polluted D.will pollute the style of the shoes. 6.Betty is often seen_____the old man with his 3.My father gave me 50 to buy a T-shirt. housework.

    ____________________________________. help C.helped D.helps 4.You should take care of your sick 7.The book Business @the Speed of Thought grandmother. _____ in 1999.

    ____________________________________. A.writes B.written

    C.wrote D.was written. 5.He invented the light bulb many years ago.

    8. He took my pen ___mistake last Sunday. _____________________________________ C.on D.with _____________________________________.

     9.Its ____for me to see you.

    单项选择 A.pleasant B.please C.pleasure 1.What do you think is_____invention in the 10.If you want some more salt,just___some world? ___ them.

    A.useful B.most useful A.make ;on B.leave; on

    C.the most useful D.more useful C.keep; on D.sprinkle; on

    2.All kinds of shoes____in that shop.

    A.sells B.are sold 选词填空

    C.are selling D.more useful in this way, according, to, by mistake, 3.A new hospital ___now. by accident,fall into

    A.being built being built 1.Which is true___ the passage? building D.are being built 2.I have the same scarf as Nacy, so dont be

    4.What___music it is! surprised to find that she wore mine_______. A.a wonderful B.wonderful 3.Many things were invented____,just like tea, C.a wonderfully D.wonder chips and so on.

    5.Did you hear that water in Tai Lake smell 4.The boy___the river and shouted for help. terrible? 5.She is your mother,so you cannot talk to ---Yes. In fact, it_____. Thats all because of her____________.

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