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    Free thermometers for Wales’ over 60s

    „Cold can have a detrimental effect on health‟ –

    Age Cymru

    WALES‟S over 60s can get a free thermometer to make sure their homes are warm enough this winter.

    The Spread the Warmth campaign from Age Cymru has produced the thermometers with Wales & West Utilities to help older people stay in good health over the winter.

     Age Cymru‟s Keep Well this Winter Coordinator Joanne Bass explains:

    “Older people need to look after their health during the winter months because the cold can have a detrimental effect on their health.

    “Exposure to cold temperatures can lead to older people suffering from hypothermia and increase the risk of a stroke, heart attack or respiratory illnesses.

    “This is why it is so important that older people are able to monitor the temperature in their homes and keep it between the safe range of 65 and 70 degrees Farenheit, which is 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.”

    The back of the bilingual thermometer card contains handy tips to help older people prepare for cold weather and advice on reporting suspected gas leaks.

    Wales & West Utilities‟ Head of Corporate Affairs Jackie Roe says:

    “We are more likely to use gas appliances – such as our central heating systems and gas fires, during the winter months and this makes it a particularly important time to know what to do in the event of a gas leak. “The thermometer card we have produced with Age Cymru to help ensure older people are safe and well this winter lists the five simple steps to take if they smell gas in their homes. “It also provides the all important national gas emergency telephone number“.

    The thermometers are available from Age Cymru‟s offices, local partners and shops across Wales.

     Stocks of the thermometers are limited so make sure you get one before they run out.



    For thermometers please contact Joanne Bass 02920 431555

    For all media enquiries, please contact Iwan Rhys Roberts, Communications Officer Age Cymru, on 029

    2043 1562, 07739 894 923,


For more information about Spread the Warmth, visit

    Age Cymru coordinates the Keep Well this Winter campaign on behalf of the Welsh Government; Find out more about the campaign by visiting the website

Age Cymru:

    ; Age Cymru is the force combining Age Concern Cymru and Help the Aged in Wales. ; Age affects us all in different ways. We cannot promise good health, but we should be able to ensure

    good care for all of us. When we find loneliness, we will reach out. When age becomes a burden, we

    will lighten the load.

    ; Age Cymru will campaign. We will fundraise. We will research. We will make the powers that be listen. ; Age Cymru is a registered charity 1128436.

    ; Company limited by guarantee and registered by in England and Wales 6837284.

    ; Registered office address: Tŷ John Pathy, 13/14 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ.

    ; Age Cymru is working in partnership with local Age Concerns.

    ; Visit our website

Wales & West Utilities:

    ; Employs 1,500 people across Wales & South West of England.

    ; Serves 7.5 million people.

    ; Has 2.5 million supply points.

    ; Owns, operates and maintains 35,000km of gas pipes and associated assets. ; Covers a geography of 42,150 km2 using Spherical co-ordinates and 42,285 km2 using Cartesian co-


    ; Replaces over 400 km of old metal gas mains every year.

    ; Provides 20,000 new connections every year .

    ; Responds to more than 120,000 gas emergency calls every year.

    ; In 2008 introduced alliance with Amec and Morrison Utility Services to deliver ?300 million Mains

    Replacement Programme over 5 years.

    ; Recognised leader in safety performance in the Gas Sector.

    ; Chosen as Gas Industry 'Network Operator of the Year' in 2008.

    ; Winner of the Gas Industry 'Customer Service' Award for 2009, 2010 & 2011. ; Chosen as Utility Company of the Year in 2010.

    ; Investing more than ?2m every week up to 2013 in its network system.

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