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    Just a Poem

     Under Ben Bulben

     Under bare Ben Bulbens head

     In Drumcliff churchyard Yeats is laid.

     An ancestor was rector there

     Long years ago, a church stands near,

     By the road an ancient cross.

     No marble, no conventional phrase;

     On limestone quarried near the spot

     By his command these words are cut:

     Cast a cold eye

     On life, on death.

     Horseman, pass by!

     Under Ben Bulben

    This is a poem about epitaph of Yeats. No matter how great man face death. Actually, death should be peaceful for them. As a poet,Yeats had infinite imagination, at the same time, he praised the good and the beauty.

    He praised the horsemen and the women .

    He encouraged poets and sculptors to perform their duties.

    He warned the Irish poets not to waste time.

    He sighed the ruins that Michael Angelo left.

    He believe that soul of mankind will be eternal.

    He praised soft and passion love.

    You see, those words always bring us peace and excitement even though Yeats has gone for a long time. We can still find the power from his words.

    I love the noisy and desolate world. We hardly find a clear way that lead us to the destination,in fact we even dont know where we want to go.

    Luckily, there are many different culuture and very likely there are a high level of civilization species like us.

    We are lonely but we are not lonely.

    We just sigh at night whether we will become the shine stars after we die.

    There are many legends in the world, and I am willing to believe those pure and dazzling stories like a poet.

     Right, Yeats is just a poet, but eternal poet.


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