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    College Stress

    Jacks heart pounds as he casts panicky looks around the classroom. He doesnt

    recognize the professor, he doesn’t know any of the students, and he cant even figure

    out what the subject is. In front of him is a test. At the last minute his roommate awakens him. It’s only another anxiety dream. The very fact that dreams like Jacks

    are common suggests that college is a stressful situation for young people. The causes of this stress can be academic, financial, and personal.

    Academic stress is common, no matter what grade you are in. For freshmen, most of them do not have a clear mind towards their major and they cannot figure out good ways to adjust to the new academic environment. Losing momentum and direction can be the most stressful thing for them, especially when the examinations are coming but they still have no idea of their subjects. As for sophomore and junior, academic stress comesfrom a growing number of their subjects and assignment. Allkinds of examinations, survey reports and exercises flood into their life, which are fairly busy to attend. And for senior, they have to strive for their degree and struggle with their dissertation and its defense, which is also a kind of academic stress.

    In addition to academic stress, the student often feels financial pressure. But for student from families of different income level, they have different financial pressure. And aresearch shows that 20% of college students in China are poor, and 5%-7% of them are extremely poor. For those poor students, they even cant afford their tuition

    and living expenses. Albeit government has offered grant and loan for them, they still


    need to worry about their financial position and try to do more part time jobs. Among students from middle class, the biggest challenge for their financial position is their confusion of financial management. They spend too much money on clothing, entertainment, socializationat first and then find it hard to pass the rest of the month with their left money.

    Along with academic and financial worries, the student faces personal pressures.And personal problems often result from your unsuccessful intercourse with

    other. For instance, many students cannot get along with theirroommates in harmony. In our college life, we have to spend much of time in dormitories. So it is really a suffering if you have clashes with you roommates.Also, unsuccessful relationships such as unreturned love, triangle love, long-distance relationship or relationship with endless argument can be quite stressful.

    In conclusion, we should know that academic, financial, and personal stresses in college are unavoidable. And different students may have different problems in each field. However, I believe that if you can maintain a positive, healthy attitude, those stresses wont botheryou a lot.

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