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liu zhihai

Liu Zhihai

    Senior Partner

Tel: (86 10) 5706 8016

    Liu Zhihais practice focuses on securities offerings and listings as well as corporate restructuring and M&A. He obtained his securities legal practice qualification in 1993, was qualified for real estate appraisal practice in 1998, and became qualified to serve as an independent director of listed firms in 2001.

    Mr. Liu has an active practice advising large and medium-scale companies on their IPOs, and he also has extensive experience advising listed companies on their refinancing projects. He has directly participated in a numerous refinancing projects, representing well-known domestic and foreign companies, both State-owned and private.

    Mr. Liu also regularly advises clients on mergers and acquisitions transactions and is an expert in the governmental regulatory policies and practices related to M&A in China. The M&A projects Mr. Liu has advised on have involved the transfer of State-owned shares, asset restructuring, management buy-outs, equity transfer and management, employee shareholding, and others.

    Mr. Liu is legal counsel to many real estate development enterprises and has been directly involved in a large number of real estate projects in China. Mr. Liu’s strong

    familiarity with many industries underpins his strength as an advisor. In his more than 20 years in legal practice, Mr. Liu has acted as chief legal counsel on the securities matters of several hundred companies, spanning industries from manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, culture, real estate and securities to natural resources and infrastructure.

Representative Experience


    ; Mr. Liu’s IPO clients have included Chengde LOLO, Hebei Huayu, Tangshan

    Ceramic, Beijing Urban Construction, Hebei Xuanhua, Guangxi Guitang

    (Group), Acheng Relay, Shengyang Commercial City Co., Ltd, Baoding

    Tianwei, Chengde Dixian Knitwears and Textiles, Guangxi Liugong, Zhejiang

    ZOJE Sewing, China Camc, DMEGC and Hunan Tianrun Chemical Industry


    ; Clients Mr. Liu has represented on refinancings include the Beijing

    Urban-Rural Trade Center, Tangshan Ceramic, Shenyang Neu-Alpine

    Software, Hebei Huayu, Shenzheng Huaqiang, Tangsteel, Chengde Dixian

    Knitwears and Textiles, Baoding Swan, Chengde LOLO, Tianjin TEDA,

    Taiyuan Gangyu, Sichuan Meifeng, Lucky Film and Beijing Urban



    ; M&A clients include Tianjin Teda, Anshan No.1 Construction Machinery, Zibo

    Sisha, Beijing Byte, Liaoning Jindi Construction, Chengde LOLO, Jinma Co.,

    Ltd, Beijing Urban Construction, Sichuan Meifeng, Taiyuan Gangyu, and

    Hebei Xuanhua Construction Machinery

Securities Companies

    ; Capital increase and share expansion by the China Securities Company

    ; Capital increase and share expansion and takeover of the Hebei Securities by

    the Caida Securities

    ; Appraisal of the plan of the takeover of securities assets of Hantang by Cinda


    ; Liquidation and bankruptcy of Centergate Securities Co. (assets valued at

    RMB 3 billion)

    ; Liquidation and bankruptcy of Asian Securities Co. (assets valued at RMB 5


Legal Counseling

    ; Mr. Liu acts as legal counsel to Tangsteel, Chende LOLO, Beijing Urban

    Construction, China CAMC, Baoding Tianwei;ZOJE Sewing, Shenzhen

    Huaqiang, Yuyuan Holding, Taiyuan Gangyu, Hebei Xuangong and Tangshan



China University of Political Science and Law, LLB, 1983

    China University of Political Science and Law, Graduate School, LLM, 1987

Selected Professional and Business Activities

    Member, Corporate Law Special Committee of the All China Lawyers Association Deputy Director, Corporate Law Special Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association

    Internal audit member, Share Issuing of Golden Sun Securities and First Capital Securities

    Legislation Consulting Expert, Beijing People’s Conference


Mandarin Chinese, English

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