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    A good guide

     Good afternoon,everyone.My name is Long Li jun.Im from English

    teaching class 10.Im very glad to be here and give a speech.Today I will tell you the person who influenced me a lot .This person is a good guide in my life.

    When you hear this may think the person is a famous person.but in my mind.This person is not.He is not famous,but I think he is very great.He has been accompanying me for 17 years.He witnessed my growth.He is the guiding light in my life.Since I was born. He is the anchor of me .He influences me everything.He is the man who loves me best,and I love him,too.When it comes to this, maybe all of you have guessed who the person is.yes ,he is my father.When I heard this topic,the first person came to my mind is him.

    Many people think fathers are always very strict,so does my father,especially in my study.My father is a middle school teacher.he teaches math,he is also good at other he is my ideal all the time.When I was in middle school,he was my math teacher.He was very strict with me at that time.He didnt allow me to make any mistakes on

    my study.he helped me a lot with my study.He can teach me any subjects except English,because his English is very poor.I remembered I didnt

    good at physics at that time,so my father was very worried about my study.But I was really not interested in physics.I think it's so boring.My father taught me physics every weekend ,and let me did exercise everyday.At first,I didn't understand him,and sometimes I was very angry with him.Finally,my physics became better.My father made me be interested in physics.He let me know that nothing is impossible.If I work hard,I will get progress.Never give up.

    My father is very frugal,because his family was very poor when he was young.He know life would be very difficult without money.So he develope a good habit.but he is not stingy.He always says:Spend the

money in need.He ddint allow me to waste anything.He taught me its

    not easy to make money.So,when Im grow up,I also have this habit.I

    don't waste anything.Beside this,I have another good habit,I never talk smut,my father taught me this,too.Though he sometimes talks smut, he never let me talk .If I talk,he would scold me,So when I was young,I have this good habit.Because my father has said:"We should be kind with others,especially you are a girl,you should be quiet and polite."

    Now,I'm grow up,I think my father has really did a lot for me,and he also influences me a lot,I never express thank to him,but now,I want to say thank to him through this speech,I want to say:"Dad,thank you,I love you!I will try my best to be your good daughter.

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