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    Schedule IA

    Method of Recruitment, Field of Promotion & Minimum qualifying service in the next lower grade for

    appointment of officers on promotion to Higher Grade of BSNL „TOS‟ & BSNL „TAFS‟


    Sselection by

    l. Merit or Grade (Equivalent) IDA Method of Field of selection/ minimum qualifying service for NSelection cum Pay scale in Rs Recruitment promotion inter-se seniority oseniority or

    . Non-selection


    1 3 4 5 2

    a. 25% of posts by

    Direct Recruited

    Management N/A On completion of 2 years as Deputy Manager Trainees

    b. 25% of posts

    through Internal DE/CAO/AGM Competitive Exam ) (Equivalent of STSN/A On completion of 2 years as Deputy Manager recruited 1. 14,500 350 18,700 Management Trainees See notes 1-7 below

    From regular SDE/AO or equivalent grade of concerned c. 50% of posts by as stream, who are engineering graduate/graduate (Promotion from ) from an Indian Institute / detailed at note 2 belowSelection-cum-SDE/AO Level University recognized under Indian Laws, with total seniority Officers qualifying service of 7 years out of which 3 years is to be necessarily in the IDA scale of Rs 13,000-350-18,250 stas on 1 January of the year.

    Officers in STS Inter-se seniority between STS

    equivalent grade Executives promoted from MTs 50% Posts by promoted from and SDE/AO equivalent cadres will promotion from STS Selection by MTs who have be prepared/fixed for promotion level executives Merit completed 4 years to JAG level in the following promoted from MTs of regular service manner:

    in the grade as on i . STS Exe. From SDE/AO Eqva. st January of the ii .STS Exe. From MT gradation list 1

    year. iii. STS Exe. From SDE/AO Eqva

    iv. STS Exe. From MT gradation Selection by Officers in STS list. Merit equivalent grade v. STS Exe. From SDE/AO Eqva promoted from Deputy General Manager vi. STS Exe. From MT gradation SDE/AO or (Equivalent to JAG) list. equivalent cadres 2. 16,000 400 20,800 vii. STS Exe. From SDE/AO Eqva who have completed vii. STS Exe. From MT gradation 4 years of regular See notes 1-7 below 50% Posts by list and so on, while MT gradation service in the grade stpromotion from STS list as per RRs of MT shall be as January of as on 1level executives below: the year. promoted from i. STS Exe. From MT [Internal] ii. STS Exe. From MT [External] SDE/AO equivalent iii. STS Exe. From MT [Internal] cadres iv. STS Exe. From MT [External] and so on

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1. The IDA pay scales of the executives of Group “A” level, either absorbed or directly recruited by the company, belonging to

    IDA pay scale of 13,000-350-18,700 & 14,500-350-18,700 will be upgraded to IDA pay scale of 14,500-350-18,700 & Rs

    16,000-400-20,800 as per attendant conditions circulated under 400-61/2004-Pers.I dated 18.01.2007. This exception is

    being made to meet the scenario, which is highly unlikely, that any executive belonging to such levels does not get post based

    promotion corresponding to next grade with in a period of 4 to 6 years.

    2. Educational qualification for executives to be promoted to the grade of Manager (see serial no. 1c, column no. 5) shall be

    engineering degree or equivalent in Telecommunications, Electronics & Computers / IT for BSNL TOS & Graduate or

    equivalent in respect of TAFS. However, existing incumbents holding the posts of SDE/AO on regular basis on the date of

    notification of these RRs shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the grade of Manager.

    3. The number of management trainee to be recruited may be decided by the BSNL Management each year. These MTs may

    work and draw salary as Executives at STS level after completion of prescribed training / probation period for number of

    years as mentioned above before becoming eligible for promotion to JAG.

    4. The posts remaining unfilled at STS level after actions as mentioned in para 3 above and Schedule IA (i) above may be filled

    up by promoting eligible group B ( SDEs and equivalent) level executives on adhoc basis.

    5. Promotion to JAG may be done from the executives working at STS level on regular basis, with MTs and promoted STS

    executives in 1:1 ratio as per standard inter se seniority principle.

    6. After making of this RR for promotion of group a level post, group B officers shall be promoted /regularized on STS

    vacancies of their quota as per provisions of the RRs. Those who have been working as STS on adhoc basis may, after their

    regular promotion as STS be given adhoc promotion as JAG depending upon Jag vacancies. While making adhoc promotions to

    JAG for the first time after notification of this RR, relaxations in eligibility service will be considered as a one time major.

    7. In case of non-availability of regular and eligible STS level Executives with requisite number of years of eligibility service

    for subsequent promotion to JAG as per para 5 above, case for relaxation in eligibility service will be considered.

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