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    Free Software for the Classroom

    Check with IT before using any of these! 0. A few notes:

    a. Watch for malware disguised as software

    i. Often looks like antivirus

    ii. Ex:

    b. ID safety

    i. Different passwords

    ii. No common names/words

    iii. Fake answers in security questions 1. Safe sites for getting “free” software

    a. (cnet)


    c. Program’s hosted site (Google, Microsoft, Apple)

    d. Watch out for “Download Now!” buttons may be an ad! 2. * Items marked with an “*” can be used from a USB device




    3. Apple Products

    a. iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch apps

    b. Building Special Education Apps section in App Store

    c. Equipment cost (most schools use PC’s)

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    4. Microsoft Products

    a. Microsoft Mouse Mischief

    i. Multiple mouse access to PowerPoint

    ii. Quiz students in PowerPoint slides

    iii. Software is free, but equipment cost (mice, hubs, etc.)


    b. Microsoft Interactive Classroom

    i. Add-in for PowerPoint to create polls

    ii. Equipment requirements

    c. Microsoft Math Worksheet Generator

    i. Create math worksheets in Word d. Microsoft Mathematics

    i. 3-D capable Graphing calculator

    ii. Shows step-by-step how to perform equations e. *Microsoft ZoomIt -

    i. Zoom in and out of your screen

    ii. Timer

    iii. Write and type anywhere on your screen

    5. *SpeedCrunch

    a. Algebraic calculator

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    Photos and Videos

    6. Google Picasa -

    a. Organizing images Albums vs. Folders vs. Web Albums

    b. Edit, add text, and retouch photos (redeye and blemishes)

    c. Create photo collages, movies, CD’s

    7. *The GIMP

    a. Photo and image editor

    b. Often compared to Adobe PhotoShop

    8. PhotoStory 3

    a. Slideshow maker from Microsoft.

    b. Add music, effects, words, and narration 9.

    a. Online slideshow maker similar to PhotoStory

    b. Requires a log-in, but is free

    10. *CamStudio

    a. Record screen actions to make training videos


    11. *AVC video converter

    a. Convert video files to a more manageable format 12. YouTube Downloader

    a. Download YouTube videos to view later

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    Mind Mapping


    a. Free Web-Based mind mapping tool

    b. Create Diagram of the Washington D.C. Mall area


    a. Online mind-mapping software 15. FreeMind

    a. Mind-mapping software

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16. Google SketchUp

    a. Amazing 3D tool

    b. Create Posters and drawings

17. Time Toast

    a. Requires a signup

    b. Web-based

    c. Create interactive timelines

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    Maps and Atlas

    18. Google Maps

    a. Take virtual trips (Street View, Photo, Wikipedia integration)

    b. Locate historical landmarks

    19. Bing Maps

    a. Streetside similar to Google Street View, but limited area

    b. Birds-eye view Photos taken from airplane

    20. Google Earth

    a. The granddaddy of mapping programs

    b. Visit Paris, the Grand Canyon, or even the Mariana Trench!

    c. Build Videos

    21. *Marble

    a. Atlas and virtual globe

    22. *Celestia

    a. Space simulator to explore distance and locations in space 23. *Stellarium

    a. Planetarium


    24. WorldWide Telescope

    a. Virtual telescope

    b. Also an online version (stripped down version)

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25. *Mnemosyne

    a. Smart flashcards

    b. Repeat cards based on speed of answer 26.

    a. - Create quizzes online

    b. - Create rubrics online

    c. Casa notes - Quick note maker


    a. Google news aggregator


28. Blogging with Edublogs

    a. What is a blog -


    a. pdf file editor

    30. Wikis

    a. Students create and post content

    b. Others edit content

    c. Several free or free-to-start wiki sites

    i. free basic edition for one workspace

    ii. K-12 plan that is free & ad-free (for one

    teacher), with enhanced privacy settings (no emails required)

    iii. Ex. -

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    31. Remember the Milk Task Management System


    b. Some parts free, some are $25/year

    c. Available on many platforms (Android, iOS, Google, Outlook, etc.)


    a. lesson plans, Puzzlemaker, and other resources

    b. Discovery Streaming (pay-to-use)

    33. Safe sites for student down-time

    a. experiment simulations (science & math)

    b. Flash games involving physics and problem-


    c. educational simulations of machines, surgeries, etc.

    d. Flash games and simulations

    e. games, quizzes, puzzles, etc.


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