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     252.472.1068 Office

    252.473.8596 Cell

    Post Office Box 759

    Manteo, North Carolina 27954

    Look through our inventory to see if there is anything you would like to borrow for your Shindig. Let us know what you are looking for, maybe we can help you decide which products will best fit your needs. Return the products just like you

    found them. Its as easy as that!

    This list is just a preview of great things ShindigS has to offer. As we strive to fulfill each unique clients needs our inventory is constantly evolving. So keep on the lookout for new items, arriving all the time. We cant wait to

    see what is in store for the New Year!


    Delivery is based on ShindigS Staff making two trips to the first floor location of your choice. One trip will be to drop off the items and the other trip to come back and retrieve the items. We welcome you to pick

    up or drop off the items at our warehouse located in Skyco.

    Roanoke Island:

     Past the Bridges: $1.5 per mile surcharge

    Beach Driving: Per Mile Surcharge


    Most of our clients use the colors white and ivory in a floor length cloth to cover the following table sizes. Ask about our additional sizes and colors. Tablecloths are put on hangers and wrapped with protective plastic to

    keep them clean during transportation.

    Fits 3 FT. Round Table

    Fits 4 FT. Round Table

    Fits 5 FT. Round Table

    Fits 6 FT. Rectangular Table

    Fits 8 FT. Rectangular Table

    Fits High Top Bistro Table

    Fits High Top Bistro Table With Waist

    Chair Cover

    Chair Cushion


    Table Toppers

    For a splash of color our table toppers are available in squares of the

    following sizes with many colors from which to choose.

    52x52 (54x54)


    70x70 (72x72)

    80x80 (84x84)



    3 FT. Round Table 4 Foot Round table 5 Foot Round table 5 Ft. Rectangular Table High Top Table Bistro

    6 FT. Rectangular Table 8 FT. Rectangular Table

    Serpentine Table

    Antique Church Pew Antique Kneeling Bench


    Tall Pillar

    Chiavari Chair

    High Top Chiavari Chair White Resin Folding Chair

    Chair Cushion


    Chair Set-Up

    Table Set-Up

    Table Settings





    Serving Items



    Food Trays

    Tiered Serving Trays Plate Serving Trays




    Seafood Crackers

    Oyster Knives

    Cocktail Forks

    Chafing Dishes

    Full Size Rectangle Chaffing Dish

    4at Round Chafing Dish Oval Chafing Dish

    Roll Top Full Size Chafing Dish


    Metal Sterno Cover

    Cooking Equipment Popcorn Machine Outdoor Gas Cooker

    Propane Tank

    Butane Burner


    Heat Lamp



    Cutting Board



    Beverage Dispensers

    Margarita Maker

    Coffee Urn

    Decorative Coffee Urn

    Coffee Urn Large

    Glass Pitcher

    Juice Dispenser

    Bar Service

    Cork Screw

    Wine Chilling Bucket Beverage Serving Tray

    Beverage Tongs

    Creamer Metal

    Creamer White

    Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Spoon

    Cup and Saucer

    Coffee Spoon


    Cake Service 8 Round Cake Stand 10 Round Cake Stand 14 Round Cake Stand 16 Round Cake Stand 18 Round Cake Stand 18 Square Cake Stand

    Multi Cake Stand Display Unit

    Cake Cutting Utensils

    Cake Plates

    Dessert Forks

    Cocktail Napkins Cocktail Napkins Printed


    Plates come in wrapped racks to ensure sanitation during transportation.

    We ask that you order smaller plates

    8 Clear Glass Plates

    12`` White Dinner Plate

    Bauscher Collection

    5”, 6”, 7”, 10” Plates

    Cup and Saucer

    other matching products available.

    Pearl Collection

    Dinner Plate

    Salad Plate

    Bread and Butter Plate

    Cup and Saucer

    Fruit Bowl

    Soup Bowl

    Serving Bowl

    Serving Plate

    Lennox Jewel Platinum Fine China

    Dinner Plate

    Salad Plate

    Bread and Butter Plate

    Cup and Saucer


    Flatware comes with 10 pieces per bundle. Knives are bundled in groups

    of 5.

    Smooth Stainless Solid Flatware

    Place Fork

    Salad Fork

    Place Knife

    Place Spoon


    Serving Spoon

    Slotted Serving Spoon

    Serving Fork

    Butter Knife

    Sugar Spoon

    Oneida Swirl Patterned, Heavyweight Stainless Flatware

    Place Fork

    Salad Fork

    Place Knife

    Place Spoon


    Large Serving Spoon

    Large Slotted Serving spoon

    Serving Fork

    Butter Knife

    Sugar Spoon

Fan Fare Collection

    Place Fork

    Salad Fork

    Place Knife

    Place Spoon


    Serving Spoon

    Slotted Serving Spoon

    Serving Fork

    Butter Knife

    Sugar Spoon


    Glassware comes in wrapped racks to ensure sanitation during

    transportation. We ask that you rent full racks. Depending on the size of

    the glass the racks come with 9, 16, 25 or 36 glasses per rack. Call for

    specific glassware rack quantities.

    Irish Coffee Mug

    Water Goblet

    Tea Glass

    Champagne Flute

    Red Wine Balloon

    White Wine Goblet

    All-Purpose Wine

    Pilsner Glass

    Collins Glass

    High Ball Glass

    Rocks Glass

    Aperitif Glass

    Martini Glass

    Shot Glass

Decorative Items


    Tea lights

    Candle Sticks

    Pillar Candles

    Floating Candles

    Candle Sticks

    Glass Votive

    Glass Pillar Candlesticks 4.5, 6, 11, 14

    Gold or Silver Chunky Stick Silver or Gold Chunky Tall Stick

    Unity Candle Holder

    Artesian Candle Holder with Stand Lantern Rectangular Metal and Glass

    Lantern Cylinder Metal and Glass 13”, 18”

    Oversized Decorative Lantern


    Tripod Outdoor Lighting

    String Lights

    Rope Lights

    LED Lights

    Lighted Ice Sculpture Stand

    Vinyl Lantern Square

    Vinyl Lantern Round

    Rice Paper Lanterns (Sell only)


    Glass Cylinders 8, 9, 11, 14, 20

    Glass Footed Flat Vase

    Glass Hurricane

    Glass Tall Slender Vase

    Glass Rectangular Vases

    Glass Square Vases

    White Modern Vases

    White Tall Cylinder Vase

    Father Of the Bride Wicker Flower Stand

    Metal Watering Can

    Decorative Tools



    Fishing Line



    Metal Wire

    Florist Wire

    Florist Tape Wire Cutters


    Double Sided Tape



    Wreath Base Wreath Holder Wreath Stand Wreath Stand Pipe Cleaners

    Natural Elements










    Feather Boas Potted Plants


    Table Card Holder Rods

    Decorative Card Holder



    And Much More!

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