Possessions by Categories

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Possessions by CategoriesPoss

Lesson 2 Document 7

Possessions by Categories based on 60 inventories for Plymouth Colony Inventories


From: An Analysis of Evidence

    from the Plymouth Colony

    Room-by-Room Probate Inventories, 1633-1685

    ? 1998-2001 Copyright and All Rights Reserved. by Patricia Scott Deetz and James Deetz University of Virginia, 1998

    woodworking tools, spinning & weaving, craft equipment Crafts

    fireplace equipment Fire making

    grain processing equipment, brewing, food processing equipment Food (churn, straining dish, bread grater, sieve, sifting trough, powdering tub, Processing funnel, gridiron, dripping pan, querns)

    cooking equipment (iron pots, pans, kettles, skillets, posnet, chafing Food dish, basin, beer bowls, salt cellar, bottom of a warming pan, ladle, Preparation pestle & mortar, skimmer, frying pan, wooden dishes)

    food consumption equipment (spoons & knives, drinking glasses, plates,

    platters, dishes, saucers, pie plates, bottles, porringers) stone jugs, Food flagons), wooden ware (bowls, trays, trenchers), earthenware, earthen Consumption pots, butter pots, pewter, brass, linens (table cloths, napkins, cubbard

    cloths, towels)

    chairs, formes, stools, settles, cushions Seating

    beds & accessories, bedding, bedsteads, cradles Sleeping

    Various sizes Chests

    Most were folding for storage when not used also standing tables Tables

    candlesticks & lighting equipment Lighting

    locks, warming pans, smoothing irons & heaters, wash tubs, ladders, Maintenance pressing irons

    books, desks Reading

    Weights & hourglasses, still yards, scales Measures

    cupboards, carpets, clocks, pictures Display

    fowling/birding pieces, fishing equipment, farming equipment Food Procurement

    (iron tools, bill hooks, sickles, scythes, sneets, axes, hoes, spades, & Production

forks, horse tackle, including saddles)

    clothing, clothing accessories, chamber pots, looking glasses Personal

    boxes, trunks, lumber, baskets Storage

    foodstuffs (bushels of Indian corn, rye, peas, wheat, &c., meal

    bags, cheese fat), yard goods, feathers, hides, wool, cotton wool, Stored Materials

    sheep's wool, tubs, barrels

    armor (corselets, headpieces), swords (cutlasses), daggers, pikes, Military firearms (pistols), bandoliers, powder

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