By Alfred Butler,2014-12-02 21:17
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    Comfort soars while fuel costs swoop at RAF Valley

    The replacement of the original 1960s high temperature hot water heating system with Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heaters has transformed comfort conditions and reduced fuel

    consumption by 50% - at RAF Valley’s Gaydon hangar on the island of Anglesey.

    The hangar is temporary home to Hawk training jets while they are being maintained and repaired. The 5,000m building can accommodate up to 15 jets at any one time. With a 20m high roof at the apex, there is little problem manoeuvring the aircraft in and out of the building through the doors at either end. Providing adequate heating in such a large space is another matter, particularly as the site is exposed to freezing winter winds blowing off the Irish Sea.

    Because of the roof clearances required, it was not practical to install the new heating system at low level. The semi-circular roof which, with a single span, was the largest of its kind when

    installed over 40 years ago meant the heaters had to be carefully positioned following the line of the roof.

    The heating comprising of four Nor-Ray-Vac gas fired continuous radiant tube systems, with a total of 28 no. 46LR burners was installed by Gradwoods of Stockport on behalf of the client; Amey BPO Services @ RAF Valley and Design Consultants, Carl Bro.

    The heaters are zoned in six separate areas, ensuring that heat is available only in those areas where people are working. No energy is wasted in heating unoccupied parts of the building.

    A key factor in the decision to install Nor-Ray-Vac was its flexibility and rapid warm up. Working areas reach working temperatures of 16-20?C, according to requirements, within five to ten minutes. This is a major benefit when mechanics are called in at a moment’s notice, often outside normal working hours, to carry out maintenance work.

    Flight Lieutenant Stuart Geary, Property Manager at RAF Valley, comments: "The radiant tube system gives us the flexibility we require in this hangar. It is also providing us with significant cost benefits."


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