Justin bieber

By Annette Gardner,2014-12-09 21:33
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Justin bieber

     The Boy I WonderJustin Bieber

    Actually, I didnt know much about American and

    European pop singers before I had our class, let alone J.B. But today I want to share what I know and think about this boy to you.

    Justin Bieber is a talented boy who grew up in a much poor family in Canadas Ontario Province, Stanford. He didn’t have

    as much courage as other people to make himself stronger at a young age when building his character. As he said, he would never be the isolated one .He was eager to be eyed on, which truly proved that he was still a little boy in desperately need of love and care. He showed great interest in music when he was very young and nothing could stop it. Hence, without a vocal

    coach or any singing lessons, J.B is actually a self-taught

    musician who plays the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. Thus, I quite admire this brave and smart boy, Never Say

    Never , he sang , and he really did.

     As far as I am concerned , J.B was found by his manager Scooter Braun because of his singing videos on YouTube. And these videos in the beginning were intended to share his victory --the second place in a local singing competition called Stratford Idol with his loved ones. But it turned out that

    other people liked them and they started subscribing to them. That was also how his manager found him. Immediately, J.B was invited to fly to Atlanta in Georgia and met the great singer Usher. As though Justin’s natural singing talent wasn’t enough to impress Scooters inner circle, he showed so much potential in music that he was signed at last.

     From then on, J.B s career started taking off. November 17,

    2009 witnessed his first success for his debut album My

    World. And his first single One Time in My World

    was also greatly welcomed. So far, J.B has issued five albums. Among these songs in the five albums, I prefer these ones

    》?《One TimeBaby,Pray,Down To Earth,Never

    Say Never,Latin Girl. In J.B s forth albumMy Worlds

    》?《AcousticPrayis like Michael Jackson’s Heal The World

    in the lyrics, and we can find that they are both worried about this disappointing world and strongly call for a change, and powerful actions should be taken on the spot to make a better place for the current and future of our world. These positive songs, positive thoughts should be spread to every corner of

    》《the world. Besides, those songs ,such asBabyRich Girl

    》《Latin GirlBoyfriendand so on, all demonstrate unique

    enthusiasm and passion which specially belong to our teens. I

    like J.B, his clear voice, and his perseverance and confidence. After seeing his path to stardom, I find that he is maturing gradually, while motivating his listeners to strive for their goals. So, If I want to keep pace with him, I have to work harder and never say never, as he told us.

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