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Free EPUB and PDF E-books

     Links to a few free e-books and sample chapters for download.

     Scroll to the bottom and see the “Best of the Free” click MORE for additional pages.

     There are more than 29,000 e-books available here and they're all free! Includes recommendations

    and reviews.

     The Project Gutenberg via Overdrive must use ADE to access.

     Caveat Emptor has “free” titles that are not in public domain, so possible copyright issues.

     B&N has many “free” books for download and each Friday they feature “Free Book Friday”

     Must register first, but also has free magazines as well as books.

     Classics via project Gutenberg available in multiple formats

     Click on FREE BOOKS menu link near the top

     (librarians only) Preview books from many publishers. Registration required.

     Lots of free e-books, excerpts and articles.

     Has e-books that are free, some samples and some for purchase. All DRM free.

     Free e-books from authors, publishers along with a “sharing community”

    E-book Management software for Linux, OS X and Windows that converts multiple formats to any

    E-reader’s required format. Also allows users to set up daily “delivery” of many websites content to


Available E-reader Apps for Android, Apple, Windows & portable

    devices, smartphones, tablets and computers

    Aldiko Reader for Android, Smartphones or tablets

    Bluefire Reader available via the Apple App Store

    Borders ereader app available for multiple platforms

    Google Books app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

ibooks Apple app for iPhone and iPad

Kindle reader App for multiple platforms

    Kobo reader App for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Palm Pre

    Nook -- App available for multiple platforms

    OverDrive Media Console app for variety of desktop and mobile platforms

    Sony Reader software for PC and Mac, apps for iPhone & Android

    Stanza free app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Take a look at for an overview of the devices and free apps available. There are MANY options out there!

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