I think my garage roof is made of asbestos, how can I be sure

By Megan Hernandez,2014-05-06 12:29
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I think my garage roof is made of asbestos, how can I be sure




    I think my garage roof is made of

    asbestos, how can I be sure? ; Know how you are going to dispose of it If the roof is a grey corrugated material, then (see Disposal section later). Residents it is most likely to be asbestos cement. are advised when delivering ANY Other materials that may have been used asbestos waste to the Household Waste are corrugated iron, or reinforced plastic, Recycling Centre to 'double bag or although these are both much less common double wrap' the waste with plastic and easy to distinguish from asbestos. sheeting and ensure the asbestos

     material REMAINS AS INTACT AS Ok, I’m sure that my roof contains POSSIBLE.

    asbestos, should I remove it?

    Not if it is good condition. Asbestos cement ; Use plastic sheeting that is available usually lasts for fifty or sixty years before it from most large D.I.Y. stores and sold starts to leak and break up. as polythene or damp-proof membrane,

     sold by the metre. This will avoid But, I thought that all asbestos was handling a second time. You may also dangerous need one or two strong plastic bags That’s right, but it is the fibres that are (such as rubble bags) for small pieces dangerous when they are breathed in. In a and silt/debris. You should also have hard material like this, fibres are not given plenty of strong adhesive tape. off if it is left alone. It is only if you disturb it

    and create fine dust that it becomes ; Have a hosepipe or small garden or dangerous. That means no power tools plant spray available to keep the (saw, sander, drill etc) and no wire brushes. asbestos material wet.

Mine is in a bad condition, do I need to ; Have old clothes (which you can throw employ a specialist? away) or a disposable paper overall Definitely not. Any general builder can do available. You should also wear a fibre the work, although some may prefer not to. mask over your nose and mouth (you You can carry out the work yourself if you can get these from any good D.I.Y. store) are used to D.I.Y., but due to the size and weight of the sheets, you may need ; Have the right tools a large someone to assist you. It is not necessary screwdriver, adjustable spanner, a to employ a Licensed Contractor hacksaw and a claw hammer or pinch bar to remove nails and a small set of Can I paint it to stop it leaking? step ladders. You may not need any of In general, painting asbestos is not these, it depends on how the panels are recommended. Normally when asbestos fixed, but you are unlikely to need leaks it is at the end of its useful life. anything else. I want to remove it myself. How do I start? STARTING THE WORK. DOING IT Follow the guidance below. If at any time, YOURSELF. SAFETY FIRST! you are not sure what to do then stop, and SEEK ADVICE BY TELEPHONING 01246 ; Keep everyone else away from the work. 345749 You don’t want children around when you are knocking down a garage or PREPARATION shed. ; Be sure that the panels are made of ; Isolate & disconnect any electrical asbestos cement. Other boards cannot supply to the building. It is stand up to the weather, so if it is recommended that you use an exposed to the wind and rain then it is electrician or a competent person to asbestos cement. If the shed/garage is ensure that the electrics have been lined internally with another type of properly disconnected and made safe. board, and you are unsure about what it

    This document is available on the Council’s website at Issued May 2007

    underfoot. Wash down the area when ; Do not go onto the roof under any

    you have finished. circumstances. Asbestos cement is

     brittle and you may fall through. It also becomes very slippery when wet Most ; Wash yourself thoroughly on completion

    of the work can de done from the inside. of the job or before eating or drinking.

     ; NEVER eat, drink, or smoke when you Removal of asbestos-cement from sheds or are handling asbestos products.

    garages presents little risk to health from the

    release of asbestos fibres provided the ; Use a hose to get the asbestos-cement above instructions are followed. If any really wet both inside and outside. advice or assistance is needed please Even better, is to do the work just after a contact the Environmental Health, Health period of heavy rain and Safety team on 01246 345749

     ; You must be careful with any silt in the DISPOSAL bottom of gutters. Remember this has

    ; You can take small amounts to the come from the asbestos-cement roof

    Household Waste Recycling Centre on and will probably contain a high

    Sheffield Road, Stonegravels, percentage of free asbestos fibres.

    Chesterfield. A maximum of two Using the hose or spray, soak it well,

    asbestos panels, or short lengths of and then scrape it into a strong plastic

    guttering or piping, can be taken at any bag. Seal it and place it into a second

    one time. The site can be contacted on strong plastic bag. Seal that bag and

    01246 201802. Quantities greater than dispose of it with the asbestos-cement

    this are considered by the Waste sheets and guttering.

    Disposal Authority to be 'Commercial

    Waste'. Residents should make ; You can then unbolt or unscrew the

    alternative arrangements with a private asbestos-cement sheets. If the fixing licensed waste carrier for the disposal of internally uses bent bolts on metal angle

    larger quantities. Such contractors may joists, use a hacksaw to cut the bolts. It

    be found in the Yellow Pages or Local may be possible to unscrew bolts or

    Thomson Directory. screws with a screwdriver or spanner but they will often be rusted into place. It is recommended that you use a trailer If you cannot unscrew them, or nails for disposal rather than a car boot, as the have been used, then push the asbestos trailer can be washed out afterwards. On panel up through the head of the screw. completion wash all equipment with This results in a small amount of water to remove debris. damage around the head, but just damp this down with he spray, and pick off the remnants, placing them in a bag. ** The Scientific Bit** ; Remove the sheets whole and wrap Asbestos cement contains about 10-15% them straight away in the polythene Chrysotile (white asbestos). There are at sheeting. Remember that asbestos least four different types of asbestos cement is heavy, and you are going to commonly found, and white asbestos is have to lift it later. Wrap only one or two sometimes regarded as less dangerous sheets at a time unless they are very than others. This is mainly because the small. Avoid breaking the material fibres are long, curly and soft. Brown and unless it is absolutely necessary. blue asbestos fibres, on the other hand, are straight and needle-like. Everyone now ; If breakage occurs, any small pieces agrees that all asbestos is dangerous, what must be damped down, picked up and is important is that in asbestos cement, the placed in a heavy-duty polythene bag for two constituents are bound together so later collection/disposal. strongly that fibres are not normally released. ; Keep the area clear of pieces of broken asbestos-cement. Under no

    circumstances must pieces be crushed

    This document is available on the Council’s website at Issued May 2007

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