The New York City memorial for Melinda is now scheduled for Sunday

By Sylvia Robertson,2014-04-20 19:35
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The New York City memorial for Melinda is now scheduled for Sunday

    Melinda Camber Porter: A Memorial Celebration

    Art and Family

    It is our pleasure to invite you to

    The New York City Memorial Celebration for

    Melinda Camber Porter (1953-2008).

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Reception 1 pm to 7 pm

    Clark Studio Theater and

    Samuels Teaching Studio

    Lincoln Center Institute thLincoln Center at 165 W 65 Str.

    [stairs or escalators]

     Melinda at Lincoln Center

     sitting by the Henry Moores (1995)

     Please join us for a reception from 1 to 7

    pm at the Samuels Teaching Studio to meet

    Melinda’s family and friends, and to view her

    visual art, writings, and photographs. In the

    adjacent Clark Studio Theater there will be a

    series of film screenings, music, and readings

    from 1- 4:30 pm, and personal remembrances

    from 4:45 5:45 pm. The detailed schedule is in

    preparation and will be emailed to you in March,

    and also postings on

The Assumption (Melinda ? 1992 oil 48”x48”)

    ___________________________________________________________________________________ Please RSVP by email to Joe Flicek at We very much look forward to your attendance and participation.

Our sincere thanks,

Joe, Robert and James Flicek Joe’s Cell: 347-782-1653

    One West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023

    Melinda Camber Porter Memorial Celebration

    Sunday, April 18, 2010 Reception 1pm to 7pm

    Lincoln Center Program

Samuels Studio: Reception Hours 1pm to 7pm

    Clark Theater Program Schedule:

     2pm to 3pm: Screening of Melinda’s Films

     3:30pm to 5pm: Music and Poetry Readings

     5:30pm: Closing Remarks

Program Details:

    Exhibition of Melinda’s Art of oils, watercolors and drawings: There will be approximately 25 paintings in the Samuels Studio and 10 paintings in the Clark Theater

    as a retrospective of Melinda’s art.

Melinda’s Literary Works in the Samuels Studio:

     Badlands, a novel set in Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

     Boat Child, a comedy set in California.

     The Art of Love, a book of Melinda’s art and poetry.

    Though Parisian Eyes, interviews of Parisian cultural figures.

    William Blake Illuminates the Art of Melinda Camber Porter by Robin Hamlyn.

Screening of Melinda’s films [2pm to 3pm]:

    The Art of Love: film on Melinda’s art and writing the influenced by the French.

    Sacred Journey: film of Melinda’s cultural exchange with Native Americans.

     Luminous Journey: film on Melinda’s creative inspiration from Sag Harbor, NY.

     Vision on Film Shorts: film by Melinda on Michael Apted.

Music and Poetry from Melinda’s friends and collaborators [3:30pm -5pm]:

    Carman Moore: composer of The Art of Love and Night Angel music for Melinda.

    Liz Swados: composer of Journey to Benares music for Melinda.

    Hubert and Brian Francis: Mi’Maq Indian musicans/producers.

    Marjory Wentworth: Poet Laureate of South Carolina.

    Scott and Megan Chasky: poets from Sag Harbor.

    Emily Toy: poet and writer from Sag Harbor.

    Sabu Ochiai-Okinawa sanshin, Nobuko Miyazaki-Bamboo flute, Hideko-dancer.

Closing Remarks [5:30pm]:

    Peter Trippi, Editor of fine Art Connoisseur Magazine on Melinda’s art.

    Heather Soderlind: Friend from Lady Margaret Hall Oxford University.

    Joe Flicek remarks on Melinda.

    This will be an opportunity to enjoy Melinda’s art, family, friends, films, ideas, and literature. There will be beverages and light refreshments served in the Samuels Studio.

    [Reservations Joe’s Cell: 347-782-1653]

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