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    文题;Struggle for our love and marriage

     By the time I finish reading pride and prejudice, I

    sincerely experience the charm of it. As an excellent classical book, not only it has a great importance to the time it exists, but also has a positive effort on our present society. After reading pride and prejudice, I learn much useful knowledge about love

    and marriage.

     First, why we choose to marry? Which is our motivation? In pride and prejudice, Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s best friend,

    choose to marry Mr. Collins is because she has been a burden to her family, because she is 27 years old and not handsome enough, even that Mr. Collins is terrible, she can stand him; Mr. Wickham chooses to marry Lydia is because he could get a lot of money from Mr. Darcy; even when Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, he says that, Firstly, that it is the duty of a clergyman to set the example of matrimony in his parish. Secondly, I am convinced it will add greatly to my happiness. And thirdly, that

    it is at the urging of my esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine, that I select a wife. My object in coming to Longbourn was to choose such a one from among Mr. Bennet's daughters, for I am to inherit the estate and such an alliance wills surely suit everyone.” He chooses to marry just because that someone needs him and requests him to marry, and he chooses to propose to Elizabeth is just because her family is suitable for him, not because he has love someone. But all of them choose to marry are for happiness.

    Will they be happy? Of course not. After marrying, the most happiness of Miss Collins is to design her home; Mr.

    Wickham would put up with Lydia’s vanity and noisy in his left

    life; Mr. Collins wouldn’t understand the difference between

    single and married forever.

    In order to be happy, we choose to marry. But the price that we make a wrong choice is our future happiness. Why in

    order to short-term happiness give up the future? So, the time you want to marry is when you find your love one instead of others.

    Second, believe in yourself and insist on the deep of your heart. When you fall in love with a girl, although you dont

    know whether she loves you too, please dont give up easily. In

pride and prejudice, the road of love between Mr. Bingley and

    Jane Bennet is full of hardship. The most difficulty they have faced is that Mr. Bingley dont trust the love between them.

    When Mr. Darcy for the responsibilities and obligations of a friend persuade that Mr. Bingleys love to Miss Bennet is much

    more than hers, Mr. Bingley retreats and left Netherfield as fast as possible, even he didnt say goodbye to Jane. Love is two

    people's thing, of course, we also should listen to the recommendations of friends, but we ought to consider seriously to their advise, instead of blindly follow them and give up easily. Faced with our own love we should try our best to pursue.

    Not that Jane doesnt love Mr. Bingley, but she isnt used

    to speak her minds to others. Bingley and Darcys

    misunderstanding to Jane result in the suffering of two people who love each other. Even though that in the end Bingley and Jane has been together, at that time, what they have suffered from is the pain and despair we couldnt imagine.

    When we are faced with difficulty of our love, we cant

    give in easily. At this point, we should study from Mr. Darcy. When his courtship is met with a firm refusal, instead of giving up, he chooses to insist his love, instead of dangling in front of Elizabeth all the time, he chooses to help her and her family

    silently, and let her know more about him. Finally, Elizabeth knows that she has totally misunderstood him, and Darcy harvest his love too. Faced with your lover, struggle to move forward, and you will success, of course, if your lover love you too.

    Third, the first impression between people is very important. Because people often put the first impressions as the strongest concept, as long as the first impression is not good, then they see that person would be with tainted glasses, so they are easy to mistakenly believe some slanderous villain. Because Darcy left an impression of pride to Elizabeth, Elisabeth have a lot of misunderstanding to Darcy and be convinced of Wickhams lie, but thanks to Elisabeth is a sensible girl, after in-depth understanding, she gradually change the idea, and accept Darcy. Otherwise, the world will reduce a pair of lovers. So, in order that your lover misunderstand you at the first time and future, please pay attention to your first impression to others.

     Finally, please dont be pride and prejudice. Pride and

    prejudice, they are the two most common weaknesses of man. Humanity is easy to be distorted, alienated, if you are blind accidental, loss of justice and reason, be manipulated by feelings,

you will go wrong, Elisabeth and Darcy was just a

    representative. Pride and prejudice, in the book is the obstacle between the lovers Darcy and Elisabeth, and in reality it is very common. For your love, please put your concept of family status and money aside, dont be pride and prejudice.

     All in all, in the road to pursuit love, we must insist on our faith, not because of money, fame or other reasons to uphold the search for true love and true happiness. If some of the peoples drawback is what you cannot tolerate, and you can not change, it should be the right choice to give up; of course, you should cherish each other, not because of some people change your decision, the happiness is in our hands. Struggle for our love and marriage.

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