Bingbing's family new

By Arthur Roberts,2014-04-21 11:30
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Bingbing's family new

    Bingbings Family

    Bingbing is a little boy. He is six. His mother is a street cleaner. She is 32. She is hardworking. She usually works early in the morning. She likes her job, because she can make the city clean and beautiful. Bingbings father is a fireman. He is 34. His job

    is to put out fires. He likes his job, because he can save people in fires. He is brave. Bingbings uncle is a spaceman. He is 37. His job is to fly rockets into space. He likes his job, because its exciting. He wants to walk on the moon one day. He is strong. But Bingbing wants to be a superman and help people in need.

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