Guidance for work with ionising radiation

By Anne Hall,2014-05-06 12:25
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Guidance for work with ionising radiation

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    Staying safe and well

    The University has a legal obligation to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, students, visitors and other users. Morally the University is keen to ensure all users of its sites remain safe and well.

    Financially it recognises that good health & safety is key in maintaining high productivity, reducing the likelihood of accidents and helping to foster a positive safety culture. The University

    endeavours to promote this positive health and safety stance through the:

    ; Provision of information, guidance and support

    ; Comprehensive assessment and management of risk

    ; Training, including in-house and self-learning

    ; Competent professional advice

    ; Pro-active and reactive monitoring

    Arrangements for how the University will manage its commitment is outlined within the University's Health and Safety Policy.

    All departmental handbooks, safety statements and other related documentation must reflect the core Safety Policy of the University, and the advice and guidance provided by the central Health & Safety Unit. The templates are not necessarily intended to be used verbatim, but they do provide a core principle which needs to be followed. This will ensure consistency across the University and reduce unnecessary duplication.

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