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American Memory Primary Resources Page

    American Memory Primary Resources Page

Below is a list of the primary resources that you will need to have made if you choose to

    not have students use the internet. For sure you will want to make the resources for the

    Sand Creek Massacre, Little Bighorn, and Wounded Knee. Feel free to have the resources made for the other battles/activities if you so choose.

Activity # 1 Resources:

     th- This is a 19 Century song sheet entitled “Where Are the Poor Indians”

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    - This is a story from an 1857 Sunday School Book called “The Indian Chief and the

    Little White Boy” (view some of the actual pages, just click on the page image link)

    - This is a copy of an interview/life story given by Mrs. Missouri Borders in 1938.

    (Please read entire interview)

     Interview Link -


Activity #3 Resources:

    Sand Creek Massacre


    - Letter from John Evans to Edwin M. Stanton, Monday, December 14, 1863 concerning Indian Affairs in Colorado.



    - Situation of Indian tents and the 3rd Colorado Regiment at the beginning of the Sand Creek fight.


    - Looking southwest, Sand Creek or Chivington Massacre, 1864.

    Newspaper Articles:

    - For newspaper articles on the Sand Creek Massacre follow this link: Now you need to find and click on the

    Featured Topics tab. Under the Colorado Specific Topics you need to click on the link

    titled Sand Creek Massacre. It will take you to list of articles about Sand Creek. Please read the following articles:

    "Indian Fight." - Daily Mining Journal - December 10, 1864

    "Official Report of the Battle of Sand Creek" - Rocky Mountain News - January 3,


    "The Fort Lyon Affair" - Rocky Mountain News - January 14, 1865

    "The Sand Creek Affair" - Rocky Mountain News - February 1, 1865

Battle of the Little Bighorn


    - Custer's last stand

    - General George A. Custer, in uniform, photo of an engraving, bust

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    - Custer's last charge / published by the Milwaukee Litho & Engr. Co.

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    - Sitting Bull (Ta-Ton-ka-I-yo-ton-ka) : The Sioux Chief in command at the Custer Massacre.

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    - Monument on Custer Battlefield, 1886

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    - Custer’s Last Charge (Text)


    - Custer’s Last Charge (Listen to the Song)


    Wounded Knee


    - Gathering up the dead of the battlefield of Wounded Knee S.D. / copyrighted by the

    Northwestern Photo Co Jan 1st 1891 Chadron Neb.

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    - Bureal [i.e. Burial] of the dead at the battlefield of Wounded Knee S.D. / copyrighted Jan 1st 1891, N.W. Photo Co Chadron Neb.

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    - Birds eye view of Battle Field Wounded Knee P.R. Agc. S.D. / copyrighted Jan 1st

    N.W. Photo Co, Chadron Neb.

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    - Birds eye view of 7th Cav camp at Wounded Knee S.D. before the fight with Chief Big Foots band

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    - Diagram of the Situation at the Battle of Wounded Knee at the time the Indians opened fire

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    - Father Craft the hero of Wounded Knee Fight / copyrighted Jan 1st 1891, N. W. Photo Co Chadron Neb. (read summary of picture as well)

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    - Rosebud and Sioux Indian, War Dance at Pine Ridge Agcy S.D., Indian dance

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    - Sioux ghost dance / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, W.K.L. Dickson.

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Other possible battles/massacres resources

    (If your teacher chooses to assign one of these)


    - The battle of the Washita / Kappes

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    - The Seventh U. S. Cavalry charging in Black Kettle's village at daylight (Battle of


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    - Captain Louis McLane Hamilton. Captain Hamilton, who was killed in the battle of the

    Washita, fought between United States cavalry under General Custar, and Indian under

    Big Kettle on the 27th of November, 1868, was the youngest officer of his rank in the

    regular service, [Orbituary] [Signed] B. J. L.

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Fetterman Massacre/Fight:

    - Monument at Massacre Hill of Fetterman's Hill, Wyo

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    - Chief Red Cloud of the Fetterman massacre and Ft. Phil Kearney wagon box-fight

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Beecher Island:

    - The Battle at Beecher's Island

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    - The defiance of Roman Nose

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    - Site of the Battle of Beecher's Island as it appears in 1917.

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    - The Battle of Beecher Island, eastern Colorado / Robt. Lindneux

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