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    Module 2 My New Teachers()

    课题: My New Teachers 课型,新授

    编写序号, 编写人,谭学红

    时间,9.2 审核人:徐向俊

    Learning aim

     1 Knowledge aim: Recite words and phrases in NMET.

     2 Ability aim: Listening , speaking , reading and writing.

     3 Moral aim: Train students to be patient, careful, enthusiastic ,positive ,and


    Learning process

    Before class;课前预习案;


    1Young people are always____________. (精力充沛的) and full of vitality. 2The building was ____________. (完全地) destroyed by the big fire. 3I’ll ____________. (感激) it if you can give us an answer immediately. 4His trip to India made a strong ____________. (印象) on him.

    5Many students feel rather ____________. (紧张的) before examinations

    so they can’t do very well.

    6____________. (严格) speakingthe book is not a novelbut a short story.

    7You’ll just have to be ____________. (耐心) and wait till I finish my work. 8He is a kind teacher and is ____________. (尊敬) by all his students.


    In class

    Step1 Fast reading

    1 Who is the most popular?

    2 Who is the kindest teacher?

    3 Which teacher are students most afraid?

    4 Who is a very good teacher but is serious and strict?

     Step2 Detailed reading

    1 The first impression of Mrs Li on the writer is_____ .

     A nervous and shy B kind and patient

    C a bit slower in teaching D teaching clearly 2 From the second paragraph, we can conclude that ---.

     A Mrs Chen doesnt like teaching

    B Mrs Chen will be popular with her students

    C Mrs Chens teaching method is good for improving the writers


    D Mrs Chen gets on well with her students

    3 Mr.Wu has already become popular with his students because ----.

    A he is handsome B he is full of energy

    C he is humorous D All of the above

    4 Which of the three teachers are liked by almost all the students?

    A Mr.Wu B Mrs Chen

    C Mrs Li D This passage doesnt mention it


    5 The writer writes about his (her) three new teachers in the order of


     a later impression b teaching effects

    c teaching ways d personal opinions

    e first impression f appearance

    A efacb B eacbd C fdbea D dcbea

    Step3 Summary

     My English teacher Mrs Li is very kind and -1-. She explains English grammar so 2- that even I can understand it. She avoids making you feel -3- and I feel I am going to make-4- with her.

    Mrs Chen, my physics teacher, is very strict and -5- and doesnt

    -6- much. So the students are all afraid of her. However, most of the students really -7- her ,because her teaching is so well -8- and clear. They feel they will do well in the exam with Mrs Chen -9- them.

    The Chinese teacher, Mr. Wu is very popular, because he really -10- teaching Chinese literature. He is young, handsome and has got so much -11- .When he gets -12- , he talks loudly and fast , and -13- his hands about a lot. He tells jokes when he thinks the students are getting -14- and even things like compositions and summaries are fun with him, so the students -15 -him a lot.

    拓展延伸Cultral corner(文化角)


     1 Which of the following countries doesnt put the discipline at the first

    place in schools? A France B Russia C America D Spain 2 From the passage, we can conclude that ---.

     A British and America students are harder to control than those in

    other countries.

    B students in private schools are easier to teach than those in state


    C British and American students are easier to control than those in

    other countries.

    D those who attend private schools are generally the ones who are

    not good at their study

    3 Which of the following countries doesnt have both state schools and

    private schools?

     A America B Germany C France D Russia

    4 If you are asked to go on writing after the last paragraph, you will most probably write about----.

     A the different sports in different schools from different countries

    B the differences in teaching between different schools from different


    C the advantages and disadvantages of both state schools and

    private schools

    D why some students would go to state schoo



     1 energetic 2 completely 3 appreciate 4 impression

    5 nervous 6 Strictly 7 patient 8 respected 1 be patient with sb. 2 be patient of sth.

    3 with patiencepatiently(adv.) 4 尽力 5 make progress

    6 make mistakes 7 tell jokes

    8 make sure 9 fall asleep

    10 similarly

    Step1 1Mr.Wu 2Mrs Li 3 Ms Shen 4 Mrs Chen Step2 1A 2 C 3 D 4 A 5 B Step3 1patient 2 making 3 feel 4 so 5 progress

     6 strict 7 coming 8 appreciate

    9 organis/zed 10 teaching 11 enjoys

    12 waves 13 excited 14 bored 15 summaries Cultral corner(文化角)

    1C 2 A 3 D 4 C


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