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Characteristics of Academic Paper - A Case Study of Intralingual Translation and

    Interlingual Translation on Moves Subtitles

    The academic paper I chose is Intralingual Translation and Interlingual Translation on Moves Subtitles, a theoretical research on translation in moves

    subtitles, which got high rate of appreciation and recommend. Therefore, I deem that it worth to be analysed. And I would like to ananlysis it from the following aspects: classification of research, characteristic of academic writing, and classification of academic paper.

    In terms of the classification of research, I judged that this paper is a theoretical research and both primary and secondary research as well. For the aim of this research is to analyse the intralingual translation and interlingual translation on Moves Subtitles, a theory. Then the author gives seven examples to test her theory. Both of these features show it is a theoretical research. It also can be called both primary and secondary research. Because the seven examples are taken from the movies subtitle directly. And some data can be found in the last paragraph of part three prove that its secondary research. For example the analyse on the reason of Cantonese opera actor worship Huaguang. in the part two, the author also cites the translation theory of Jacobeson to support his theory.

    In terms of the characteristic of academic writing, I’d like to analysis it from

    structure, writing skill and language. First of all, the structure of this paper is very clear. It developed with introduction, body and ending. The whole passage is divided into four parts, the first part is introduction. The second part and third part is the body. The fourth part ended this paper with lessons and suggestions. Whereas, they are not individual parts but connected with coherence and logic. In the introduction, it introduce us the history of the translation of movie, then combine the definition of Intralingual Translation and Interlingual Translation with the translation of Hong Kong movies subtitles to draw out the main topic on translation. Finally, it ended with suggestion on translation of movies subtitles. Whats more, every parts title is

    capitalized and every example is composed in a appropriate and clear pattern to make itself outstanding and understanding. These features are to be appreciated. All in all, we cannot deny that the structure of this paper is standard, complete and unified.

    Secondly, it uses kind of writing skills: quotation, example illustration and comparison. For example, in the second paragraph, it quotes Jakobsons theory, on

    linguistic aspects of translation to be a background to illustrate its own theory. Its

    authoritative and persuasive. Skimming the whole passage, we can also find a large number of examples, the seven examples in three versions of subtitles, from the movie Twins Missions”. And where there are examples where there are comparisons as well. Through comparison the author explained the definition and differences between the Intralingual Translation and the Interlingual Translation of the translation of

    Hong Kong movies subtitles. Its vivid and also persuasive.

    Then, lets take a look at the language. The language is full of accuracy and appropriateness. The whole passages are giving comments on the movies subtitles. It

    uses several professional expressions to illustrate the idea, such as interlingual subtitles, intraligual subtitles, dialectal translation, diamesic translation and transliteration and so on. And every expression or data can be found from its origin data. These professional expressions show its proficiency actually. Whats more,

    although it is a Chinese version paper, it matches necessary English translation to the professional expression to make itself understanding and professional. For some dialect of Hong Kong, the author gives explanation in detail. For instance, the fourth example of part three. This is its appropriateness. Besides, those examples are followed by analyses and arguments or demonstrations which are logically arranged and can be proved. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that those examples the author raised full of readability and persuasion.

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