oil spill recovery system market analysis

By Walter Thomas,2014-10-18 03:58
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oil spill recovery system market analysis


    1. marine oil spill pollution and harm

    Related to the international oil pollution prevention and shipowners committee and oil spill pollution typical accident of the home and abroad. We find there are the great harm accident more and more. I think you and your team are very expert and more clearly than me, so, l am not much introduction.

    With the rapid development of the shipping economy, and ship transportation has been increase year by year, and the tonnage of the ship also has effectively improve, and then, the harm of the marine transport accident are synchronous lifting. The damage caused by oil spill at sea is particularly serious, not only to the environment but also for the national economy would get great loss.

    The harm of the oil spill pollution: (1) The pollution of the marine environment and marine resource caused by the oil is quite serious, may cause a large area of hypoxia, lead to a large number of death of the marine organisms. If not cleaned in time, this may cause explosion and fire, and then causing more serious economic losses and casualties. (2) Oil film will reduce the sea water and atmospheric oxygen exchange rate, and destroy the ecological balance of the ocean; Aromatic hydrocarbons in oil is very easy to enter the water and stay for a long time, long-term accumulation in the body, and through the nutrient enrichment affects the human. Therefore, after the oil spill, the ability to quickly and effectively carry out emergency treatment plays a key role. And then, derived and developed the oil spill recovery system. More and more states and public groups are concerned about the oil spill recovery.

    2. Oil recovery equipment

    Presently, the oil spill recovery system has the following methods:

    (1) Physical method: oil booms, adsorption.

    (2) Mechanical method: lipophilic-absorbing oil skimming machines, belt type, transmission type, air filter type, weir type skimming machines.

    (3) Chemical method: combustion method, chemical reagent method.

    (4) Biological method

    The traditional oil spill processing device is low efficiency, poor performance system, so, many company develope a new product and solution in mechanical method field now, not only improve effectively, but also respond to different oil spill condition. Compared with the chemical method and biological method, the mechanical method is more economical and easier operation. As we know, VIKOMA company is the world leader in the design and manufacture of the oil spill recovery equipment, which is why we hope to cooperation together and exploit the marine market. 3. Application and prospect of the oil spill recovery

    Presently, all ships must have the oil spill emergency recovery plan and equipment, but ordinary merchant only equipped with ordinary oil booms, skimmers, sawdust, rags and other tools. The port, marine surveillance, maritime affairs, law enforcement ship are must equipment this device, because of the some domestic manufacturers, and because of the industry enter criteria, which are also limit the enter level and difficult of some imported manufacturers. Due to the rise of the ocean engineering ship and offshore platform in the recent two years. The demand of the oil spill recovery system are more and more, plus the people pay attention to the marine environment, and maritime regulations and punishment on marine pollution. So, the demand of the marine engineering ship and offshore platform with the oil spill recovery system

are increasing on the marine market.

    The marine oil and gas exploration growth rate will be as high as 36% in this period from 2013 to 2016, which led to the marine engineering ship and offshore platform demand. Marine engineering ships mainly including to MPV, AHTS and PSV. Estimated by 2025, the number of mobile offshore platform will reach 1100pcs, 41% more than the existing number. In order to meet the growth of the platform, the number of the AHTS will grow 108%, reach 3900pcs. At the same time, the number of the PSV will grow 171%, reach 3200pcs. The global total of AHTS stock 1873 ships, new shipbuilding orders for 147 ships. PSV stock 1179 ships, new shipbuilding for 365 ships until May 2013.

    Because VIKOMA can provide high quality, reliable, safety equipment, and rapid, convenient design concept. At the same time, the global service network, and oil spill recovery system demand and nice market prospect, we believe our equipment will have great market space. 4. Market development plan

    (1) According to the analysis as above, merchant ships such as: bulk carrier, container ship, chemical tankers, LNG, LPG etc marine vessels, which are not in our consideration. (2)

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