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    Changes to your Sport and Activity Pass 2012/13

Q. Why are you making changes to the Sport and Activity Pass?

    A. The University has worked closely with the UBU Vice President-Sport & Health and

     the UBU President to provide an improved system that ensures greater clarity, flexibility

     and affordability. UBU has consulted widely with student groups and clubs and worked

     with the Director of Sport, Exercise & Health to come up with a range of improvements.

     It was apparent that the current system of ‘multi-buy’ for the Sport and Activity Pass,

     gym inductions, additional gym and class pass payments not including additional UBU

     sports membership and individual club memberships, has led to confusion. It was also

     apparent that some students were finding it difficult to purchase a sports pass. It has

     therefore been agreed to create more choice in the way you can pay for your card and to

     include more benefits into an overall ‘membership bundle’.

    Q. What changes are the University making following the recent announcement on the

    significant growth in student numbers starting in 2012/13?

    A. The University has announced that this will equate to approximately 600-800 more

     students each year for the next three years. The immediate impact on already stretched

     sports facilities and services are such that we have agreed to introduce a ‘Peak and Off-

     Peak’ members-only approach to use of the main University facilities and services.

     This will ensure that overcrowding issues at peak times are kept to a minimum and that

     students with flexible study patterns can use the facilities and services at a heavily

     discounted off-peak rate.

     It will also enable us to better monitor use of the facilities without having to revert to

    secondary barriers/entry points on each facility or having the need for students to carry cards

    with them whilst exercising.

     The University is also investing in new and enhanced sports facility provision. It will

     begin this summer with an expansion of the Health & Fitness Suite on the ground and

     first floor of the Indoor Sports Centre on Tyndall Ave; by the addition of a new entrance,

     reception and changing rooms at the University Swimming Pool; and by the building of a new

    Boathouse at Saltford. There are also plans to resurface all Hall based tennis and squash

    courts and to provide a small on-site gym at Langford Veterinary School.

Q. Can you tell me about the Peak and Off-Peak membership packages?

A. Off-Peak membership will be available from 7.00am to 3.30pm Monday Friday; Saturday

     8.00 am to 8.00pm; Sundays 8.00 am 10.00pm. (Wednesday pm is reserved for BUCS


     The Off-Peak Membership package includes free access to: -

    ; Sports Hall at the Indoor Sports Centre (Tyndall Avenue)

    ; ‘The PULSE’ Health and Fitness Suite (including a free induction)

    ; Swimming Pool

    ; Squash Courts (Kingsdown Leisure Centre)

    ; Discounts on Sports Medicine Clinic services

    ; Exercise to Music classes (not including Pilates) (New)


Q. What does a Peak membership package include?

A. Peak membership covers all opening hours.

     In addition to free access to the main sporting facilities and discounted Sports Medicine

     services the Peak membership package will include the following: -

    ; Free Exercise to Music Classes (not including Pilates) (New)

    ; Free Gym Induction (New)

    ; Free Sport Specific Club training sessions (New)

    ; Free use of the Olympic Weights Room at Coombe Dingle (specified times) (New)

    ; Free Club Development sessions (New)

    ; Continued support package for Focus Sports Club members (New)

    ; Free Strength & Conditioning advice for Focus Sports Clubs (New)

    Q. I bought a Sport and Activity Pass in 2011/12 do I need to purchase a new Sport and

     Activity Pass?

    A. If you purchased a Two or Three year Sport and Activity Pass you do not need to do anything.

     Your existing Pass will automatically be upgraded to a Peak membership pass and you will

     receive all the new benefits free of charge.

    If you purchased a one year Sport and Activity Pass you will need to purchase either a Peak or

    Off-Peak membership. Please note that Peak membership is Compulsory for all Focus

    Sports Club members.

    Q. If I purchased an Off-Peak membership can I attend Exercise to Music classes after 3.30


    A. Exercise to Music classes after 3.30 p.m. are reserved for Peak members only.

    Q. I did not purchase a Sport and Activity Pass, but I did attend classes during this

     academic year. Will I be able to continue to sign up for classes?

    A. Classes will be available to members at Peak and Off- Peak times therefore it will depend on

    your membership type. There will not be a ‘pay as you go’ option at peak times.

Q. If I purchase a Off-Peak membership pass can I upgrade to a-Peak membership?

    A. Yes, you can upgrade from Off-Peak membership to a Peak membership but you cannot

    downgrade from Peak to Off-Peak.

    Q. I purchased a one year Sport and Activity Pass in 2011/12 and would like to purchase

     additional years how do I make a payment for an Off-Peak membership?

A. All payments can be made on-line details can be found on

Q. What are the new membership prices for 2012-13?

     A. The membership options are listed below


    Peak ? Instalments Application 1 Year Pass ?250.00 (by 3 On application - ?100 On-line application th(New) instalments) 24 January - ?100 th24 April - ?50

    1 Year Pass ?250.00 On-line application

    2 Year Pass ?450.00 N/A On-line application 3 Year Pass ?600.00 N/A On-line application ERASMUS (6 ?175.00 N/A Download application

    months) form


    1 Year Pass ?150 (by 3 On application - ?60 On-line application th(New) instalments) 24 January - ?60 th24 April - ?30

    1 Year Pass ?150.00 On-line application


    2 Year Pass ?300.00 N/A On-line application (New)

    3 Year Pass ?450.00 N/A On-line application (New)


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