Long Holiday

By Jeanette Hart,2014-12-09 11:48
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Long HolidayLong,long

    Long Holiday

    No homework! No cram schools! No parentss urges! After

    upgrading to the university, our holidays assume quite another definition . That is joy!

     Holidays tend to be long and fantastic. Girls go shopping; boys play games. We have to admit that holiday is a god-given chance to relax and enjoy life . However , have you thought thats also a

    golden time to enrich a person?

     Get off bed ; shrug away computers . Practice may feed you back a lot. Spending one month on part-time jobs is a good way to promote yourself , get valuable experience and more importantly earn money. Gradually, your spirit of responsibility will be developed. Sure enough , holiday is worth enjoying . Reading and travelling is a good choice, enriching your mind and emotions in relaxing time.

    A long holiday can not only enrich but ruin a person. Without a well-organized plan, a man buries self in bed, circles self at home, confines eyes on screenThe spirit will die. What a weary life!

    Time may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the heart. Thus, no matter whether your holiday is long or not, just cherish every day of life and cherish the enthusiasm. Never let your spirit down.

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