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Safe Kids Pennsylvania

    Local Program Highlights

    Statewide Meeting June 8, 2006

Allegheny County

    Tonya Shell

    At first I was hesitant to respond to this because I felt our coalition had not participated in any programming that was outstanding from the general programming that is usually conducted. The more we thought about it the transition our coalition has been experiencing the last six months stands out as an extraordinary accomplishment for us. Throughout this time we continue to provide strong representation in the community educating families on keeping our children safe. It would have been very easy for us to disassemble after the loss of our lead agency and coordinator support, but instead various individuals have stepped forward to share these duties as we search for a new lead agency. We thank you for your continued support as we seek future opportunities to spread these important messages from Safe Kids Worldwide to families in our local communities.


    Jim Carlisle

    Safe Kids Week 2006(SKW2006)

    -Letters to municipalities announcing Safe Kids Week and offering C.P.S.C. publications on Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools & Guidelines for Entrapment Hazards. -Appearances on a radio & TV show about SKW2006.

    -Info packets with water watcher cards & materials for retails to give to customers. -Whales Tales presentations offered to elementary schools & care care centers. -Safety Carnival in Allentown about 500 adults & children attended.

    -Bike Fest in Allentown- about 200 adults & children attended

    -Articles in 3 newsletters and one magazine.

    -Press event on May 2 -1 TV station, 4 radio stations and 2 news papers covered the event.

    -Operation Safe Ride Recognition at the May 9 Coalition Meeting

    -Car seat check at a child care center in New Tripoli on May 10.

    -Distribution of flotation devices & coloring book at events.

    - Poster contest at participating learn-to-swim school.

Armstrong County

    Crystal Vranich

    Our chapter recently participated in the Children‟s Fair held annually at the Belmont

    Complex in Kittanning. This year the attendance has around 800 people. We were promoting water and sun safety. Children were able to make ultra-violet key chains as well as sign up to win personal floatation devices. th annual We are also planning activities for summer. This summer we are planning our 4Rural Safety Day Camp, a bounty program, activities for the county fair, and Summerfest activities.

Berks County

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 1

Cheryl Gouker

    Safe Kids Berks County assembled 300 Water Watcher packets for local distribution. The packets contain a laminated Water Watcher card that explains the importance of active supervision of children playing in and around pools and spas. The card is suspended on a lanyard bearing the Safe Kids Berks County name and must be worn by the supervising adult. The packets also contain Safe Kids water safety brochures and a water safety booklet. 100 of the Water Watcher packets in English and Spanish - were distributed at

    “Pool School”, a conference of pool and spa manufacturers sponsored by Apollo Pools

    and Spas. The remaining packets will be distributed at a local AAA-league baseball game and a safety festival at Blue Marsh Lake in May and June. Based on the enthusiastic reception of the Water Watcher packets, we are considering creating an additional quantity of packets for local distribution.

Blair County

    Sherry Turchetta

    In celebration of Safe Kids Week, our coalition conducted a Safety Fair at a local at -risk school highlighting Pool & Spa Safety. Our booth featured a water safety display, encouraged parents & children to play the “Water Safety” game and conducted a child seat inspection.

    A PSA was released to local media re the importance of pool and spa safety practices as well as highlighting Safe Kids Week 2007.

    Fliers outlining pool/spa safety precautions were distributed to local pool/spa dealers for distribution to new/existing customers.

Cambria County

    Donna Erickson Wehner

    Cambria County held 4 bike derbies during the month of May at 2 private and 2 public schools. A total of 1037 students participated in the event and 385 helmets were distributed. There were many other helmets, already owned by students that were checked for size and condition as well. Each student watched an age-appropriate video on bicycle safety. The students also had the opportunity to ride through a bicycle obstacle course. Thirty-eight parents were trained on how to properly fit a bicycle helmet. The school-based event is a wonderful opportunity to reach a large number of children.

Carbon County

    Susan Tyler

    Carbon County Safe Kids at the present time is working on water safety and Falls Prevention. We have now included a water safety display in our Safety Town. We distributed water safety reading books and literature to all day cares, Head Start and Right from the Start (after school program) in Carbon County. They read the book to their children and distributed water safety literature to families. We have given fall prevention training to home visitors who will take our safety message into family‟s


Clinton County

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 2

Laurie George

    As a recipient of the Bicycle Safety grant, the Clinton County Chapter was able to offer a variety of activities related to bike safety to children and their parents in the communities of Lock Haven and Renovo.

    Through a partnership with an established after-school program, we were able to coordinate workshops for youth involved in the program and their parents. The workshops focused on helmet fitting, bike maintenance and attire, rules of the road and hand signals. Each child participating was given a new and properly fitted helmet. Money donated by a community organization allowed us to hire a stunt team, Wheels for

    Freestyle, which performed two flat surface shows in Lock Haven and Renovo. Their performances were wonderful and highlighted helmet use and healthy lifestyles. They gave a super great show that made the kids excited about wearing their helmets to the

    bike derby scheduled to showcase all the kids had learned!

    Thanks PA Safe Kids for all your support!

Dauphin County

    Susan Rzucidlo

    Fire Safety - We received a Safe Kids Worldwide/USFA Rapid Response Fire Kit grant. This will allow us to provide fire safety education as well as smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors to families that have suffered a fire in their home. We are partnering with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire and the American Red Cross to distribute packets of information to these families. Included in the packets will be Tot Finders for families that have small children. This will allow for the fire fighters to easily locate a child in the home if a fire does occur because this indicator will be located at the bottom of the bedroom door. Other information will include activity books for kids so they can learn about fire safety and information for the parents. They will receive a smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector as well that will be installed by the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire if they live in the city.

Franklin County

    Jackie Umberger

    Bike Derby - The program started on Thursday, May 11 at Stevens Elementary School in Chambersburg. Students in the second through fifth grades met in the gym for an assembly on Bicycle Safety. The “Jello Brain” and “Egg Helmet” demonstrations were the highlight with the kids. Topics covered “Rules of the Road”, helmet use, pre-ride

    bike inspections, and other topics.

    On Saturday May 13, 2006, the Derby was held in the School parking lot. Franklin County Safe Kids teamed with State Farm Insurance, The Chambersburg Young Professionals, and The Family Cycling Center to sponsor a free bicycle giveaway. Despite a rainstorm in the middle of the afternoon, 27 enthusiastic youngsters completed the course and received a “Bicycle License” courtesy of State Farm. The “Slow Speed Control” station was the most popular. Several of the participants came back repeatedly in an effort to better their time. Four year old Hunter was the champion on his Big Wheel at 63 seconds! All of the participants also had a helmet fitting and, if they did not own a helmet, received a free one courtesy of the Bike Helmet Grant from PA Safe Kids. Greene County

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 3

Marlene Shaw

    During the annual Greene County Childfest which was held 4/22, Safe Kids Greene County had a safety display area with information, games, promotional items, demonstrations and a table top playground model with a swimming pool. We targeted multiple safety topics such as playground and animal safety however water safety was the primary focus. We provided information and education for both children and parents. Despite chilly and wet weather 176 families signed in at the registration desk and there were a total of 335 children. Most children were between the ages of birth to 8 years of age.

Indiana County

    Amy Horell /Betty Austin

    The Indiana County Chapter of SAFE KIDS has accomplished several programs over the past three months.

    May 6, 2006: In collaboration with State Police, a Bike Rodeo (from recent grant) was

    successfully held. Bicycle helmets were distributed to participants. Another rodeo is thscheduled for May 20 in a more rural location.

    May 3, 2006: A Safe Drivers Competition was successfully held at the local university

    grounds. Twenty-three senior high students participated in the competition representing 9 school districts in the county.

    March May 2006: The chapter had implemented nine Water Safety Programs to nine

    elementary schools. Six more will be implemented in the following weeks. Third graders were the target population. It was well received by teachers as well. March 4, 2006: The chapter participated in the Family Fun Fest highlighting Car Safety

    for children. Games were used for the event. A child car seat was given away as a prize.

Lancaster County

    Courtney Barry thFarm Family Safety is June 10 from 8am to 2pm. I will be able to provide an update on attendance at the meeting. ndFor Safe Kids Week we had our 2 annual Art Contest. This year participation was

    much smaller. I believe this was due to the topic being so specific. We distributed 500 Water Safety packets which included fact sheets, activity books, Watcher cards with lanyards and other safety info. They were distributed through pool companies and Toys R Us.

Lebanon County

    Jill Shoemaker

    We participated in Healthy Kids Day at the Lebanon YMCA on March 13; 10 seats were checked and 3 were replaced, 74 bike helmets were sold. We also participated with the Lebanon Federal Credit Union for safety day; 174 bike helmets were fitted and given away, a very busy day!! We helped with a Car Seat Check up at the Palmyra Walmart in cooperation with a local State Farm agent on May 20, 10 seats were checked.

Southeastern PA

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 4

Gina Duchossois

    We completed the child safety seat checkpoint event at the Baby & Toddler Expo on April 21 - 23, 2006 at the Fort Washington Expo Center. Once again we did not have nice weather and had to cancel one day of the event. We checked 143 child safety seats and gave away 10 child safety seats. A thank you goes out to all the volunteers for this event and to Safe Kids PA and Safe Kids Blair County for the use of the skbu vans.

Susquehanna County

    Beverly J. Bennett

    May 10, 2006 for Safe Kids Week we had a full page article in the Mulligan newspaper that reached 10,000 homes and address water safety. A copy was faxed to Allyson Fulton on May 19, 2006.

    On May 30, 2006 we were in the Montrose Memorial Day parade. There were children who decorated their bikes in a patriotic theme and rode their bikes in the parade. They were checked for correct helmet fit and if they had a helmet that didn‟t fit or no helmet

    they were fitted for one and given a helmet. Reflectors were also given and put on the bikes. Children carried the Safe Kids banner in the parade. A bike was also given away after the parade that was donated by Wal-Mart of Tunkhannock.

Wyoming County

    Karen Bracey

    In Spring 2005, Wyoming County Safe Kids borrowed “Safety Town” and had it set up for one week. It was such a great success, that the chapter, under the leadership of Judy Geary, Elementary School Nurse, decided to make their own Safety Town. With funding from the 2005 Safe Kids New Prevention Plan grant, the project was begun. The Local High School Tech Support and Art Department provided the skill and talent to create the town. Community support through local organizations was also obtained and the town is near completion. The Wyoming County Chapter is looking forward to being able to use this wonderful teaching tool more often and in more locations, as well as lending it to other chapters.

York County

    Annalyn Saludares

    Safe Kids Week - On May 5th, York Hospital nurses taught a 20 minute lesson on bike

    safety to 600 students at North Salem Elementary. The event was part of a health and safety fair that lasted throughout the day. On May 8, York Hospital nurses and

    Community Health Improvement taught pool and bike safety to 150 students at Stewartstown Elementary. Messages were delivered through a “Human Monopoly” game, demonstrations, and discussion. On May 13, from 9:30am-4pm, the coalition ran

    activity booths and a puppet show at the “Spring Happening” parks event at Lake

    Redman. On May 16, a child life therapist from the coalition provided pool safety materials and interactive discussion with community members at a Safety Fair held at WellSpan Health‟s Community Health Center.

    Advocacy efforts included: 1) hanging “Hey Mom, Watch Me” posters at Toys „R Us, Wal-Mart, and Dick‟s Sporting Goods, 2) publishing a Safe Kids article on pool safety in WellSpan‟s (lead agency) weekly bulletin, 3) submitting a PSA to stations WSBA/

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 5

    WARM 103, and Oldies 96.1, and 4) forming a new partnership with a local vendor, Yorktowne Pools.

    June 8, 2006

    Highlights 6

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