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Unit 1 1. Because of the war, the government implemented a system of limiting the amount of almost everything that each person was allowed to have, and most schools had subjected their students to less rigid dress clothes, because they were fully aware that it was not easy for the students to get the proper clothes. (the amount of food, water, petrol or ..

Unit 1

    1. Because of the war, the government implemented a system of limiting the amount of almost everything that each person was allowed to have, and most schools had subjected their students to less rigid dress clothes, because they were fully aware that it was not easy for the students to get the proper clothes. (the amount of food, water, petrol or other necessary substances was limited; had become less severe or strict with) 2. Every day I would fight back tears when I stood in front of my schoolmates embarrassed, and most of the time I was standing there alone. (fight back; schoolmates)

    3. However, I was only 12 years old at that time and I was too young and I had to endure the punishment. I knew it was very important for me not to let my mother know what I suffered every day at school even though she was nice and friendly. (endure the punishment; the embarrassment I had to go through every day)

    4. ...if she ever told my father what I suffered at school he would have rushed to the school to argue with the teachers, just trying to protect me without hesitation. (so angry and likely to argue with my teachers in order to protect me)

    5. I didnt feel the usual happiness when I put on the dress I liked very much.

    6. At assembly I walked slowly and reluctantly to the stage without being

    ordered, being laughed at by other girls and looked down upon by the deputy head.

    7. I comforted myself by thinking that I could at least escape from the everyday reality into the fantasy world of A Tale of Two Cities created by Charles Dickens for a while at the back of the class to calm myself down and to get back my self-control. ( I comforted myself; get so absorbed in the story of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and not think about anything else; calm down and get back to my self-control)

    8. And then she spoke out the most pleasing sentence I had ever heard at that cruel school. ( said unexpectedly; pleasing; cruel/ vicious) 9. I felt excited and happy through the rest of the day because of the carefully and kindly chosen words from the teacher. (was very excited and happy/ was in high spirits; feeling happier and more confident because of)

    10.Although she was good at English literature, that day Miss McVee taught me and perhaps the whole class a lesson that we should be sympathetic to those people who were suffering. (strong ability; instilled in me, and perhaps the whole class, a feeling of pity, sympathy and understanding for someone who was suffering)

    Unit three

    1. We read such books because we have to, not because we love to. (read with resisting acceptance because we know we have to; eagerness)

    2. The books I shall mention later will not help you get a degree or make a living. (later; after these introductory remarks)

    3. I only want to talk about the books that have been accepted by everyone as great works. (for a long time have generally been accepted as the best books)

    4. Dont forget that critics often make mistakes--- the history of criticism is full of big mistakes the most famous and respected critics have made.( full of mistakes; famous and respected)

    5. ...I dont want to pretend that reading a book can ease ones hunger or

    kill the pain of unreturned love... (ease the painful feeling; kill) 6. But who is going to cultivate the habit of reading because of reading, if he is forced to read books that he dislikes?( told to/ forced to) 7. It gets me prepared for the work of the day. (gets me ready for a whole days work)

    8. Later on, when I finish my work and I feel relaxed, and dont want to

    beat my brains, I usually read history, essays, criticism or biography... (ready for, a difficult book)

    9. ...I know i have not read the book thoroughly in the way I should have.( have not treated the book in a way that is fair)

    10. I would wish that I had never have read it at all. ( teind to; it might have been equally good If I had never read it. )

    Unit four

    1. Not having much money, with a number of children in the family who are going to college one after another in a few years, the man had talked her daughter into going to the second university.

    2. Now he was worried that she would regret not having studied in the first-class university.

    3. I had succeeded in finding a job which was very suitable for me by working hard.

    4. Three years later, my son will go to college too. ( do sth. as someone else is doing)

    5. Some of the boys and girls most likely to succeed are going to be poor, living on welfare, without a job or a place to live

    6. Another type of parents who are interested in talking about college selection are those whose children are not smart enough and are not likely to achieve much and cannot possibly be admitted to first-class universities. ( attain a particular goal)

    7. Because they didnt study hard, visit those important museums and

    take AP courses for the last 17 years, these children were suffering now. (causing ones suffering)

    8. Recently I made a visit to MIT, and I watched the first thirty seconds

    video clip of an admissions office making jokes about the university’s reputation. The university is ridiculed to be a factory which turns out very smart but boring people.

    9. At that time, she pointed out a restaurant in which the students could have some fast food, which was inexpensive.

    10. is vital for people to inspect the restaurant prices on campus carefully, especially with regard to panini if they are considering which university their children are going.

    Unit six

    1. We are going to see in Europe everything we have removed out of our own culture for the sake of convenience.

    2. ...the lack of money and spare time, all these factors had suppressed our curiosity until the seventeenth century. Then the world began to open to travel due to scientific discoveries.

    3. Some travelerss wild shopping is for them an attempt to buy a new life. ( For them, it seems that they can start a new life through wild shopping.) 4. The places we visit always look so gorgeous in the sunshine. 5. We adhere to the belief that other peoples are more passionate than we are.

    6. There have always been travelers who traveled to look for the worst, to find some reasons and justification for their anxiety or despair... 7. If not, then why would Paul Theroux go to South America, which he hated so much?

    8. Africa was nearly Naipauls nightmare when he traveled there. (Africa

    was the worst place Naipaul thought but he went there for travel instead.)

    9. Graham Greene spent four months traveling in the Liberian jungle as a way to punish himself.

    10. Perhaps in the future we shall have to travel like James Holman, who after being forced to leave the British navy because he had gone blind, started traveling in 1819 to see the world.

    Unit seven

    1. Because I was the first black woman to be elected to Congress,, people think I am a remarkable person.

    2. If I said that being a black person is a bigger disadvantage than being a woman, probably no one would doubt that.

    3. Almost all men and , I think, most women are not aware of their own and other peoples sexual prejudice against women. When someone

    insists there is such prejudice in America, they will find it hard to believe. 4. For a long time, most white Americans didnt realize that they were

    prejudiced against blacks.

    5. From the minute I began to run for the New York Sate Assembly seat, I could feel strongly the prejudice against me simply because I was a woman. Many people tried to stop me and they hardly tried to hide their intention.

    6. In order to prevent me from running for the New York Assembly seat, some of my own party members held secret meetings to find ways to stop me. I was totally kept in the dark.

    7. My opponent, the famous civil rights leader James Farmer, who was also a black, tried to give people the impression of being manly. 8. Mr. Farmer is still unclear what defeated him.

    9. A few years ago I recommended a talented young woman as a candidate to a political leader.

    10. I love teaching, and I will be glad to go back to it as soon as I am sure that this country no longer needs a womans contribution.

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