Unit 11 What do you think of game shows

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     9. He put down his books and out of the room. (go) Unit 11 What do you think of game shows?

     10. Lucy her family photos to her classmates yesterday. (show) 一、单项选择。

     11. That made me angry. (feel) ( ) 1. do you think of sports shows?

     12. Each Child a new toy on Childrens Day. (get) A. What B. How C. Which D. Who

     13. She came to the city her mother. (see) ( )2. The scarf is moms.

     14. Jim decided the Great Wall. (visit) A. of B. to C. for D. at

     15. Lets help her Chinese. (study) ( )3. The book is too expensive, its really helpful.

     16. I some bread and milk for breakfast this morning. (eat) A. and B. so C. but D. or

     17. She to New York at 12:00 last night. (get) ( )4. Does he agree her?

     18. Mom some clothes for me two days ago. (buy) A. help B. helping C. with help D. to help

     19. The boys of Class 7 didnt the match yesterday. (win) ( )5. They had a holiday after the exam.

     20. You can go to ask . (they) A. two month B. two-month C. two months D. two-months

    三、句型转换! ( )6. You dont like the picture. I dont like it , .

    1. They enjoyed that movie very much.(变为一般问句) A. too B. also C. so D. either ___________they_________that movie very much? ( )7. The boy enjoys the radio in the morning.

    2. She often watches TV play in the evening.(变为否定句) A. listening B. listening to C. listen to D. to listen

    She __________often __________TV play in the evening. ( )8. I want these books to the library. Can you help me?

    3.I can't stand soap operas.(对划线部分提问) A. take B. took C. taking D. to take __________do you_________ _________soap operas? ( )9. Welcome our school.

    4.He read the story last night. (对划线部分提问) A. in B. to C. come D. on

    _________ _________he _______the story? ( )10. Look! Our teacher is talking John.

    5.How do you like talk show?(改写句子,句意不变) A. in B. to C. about D. on

    _________do you ________ _________talk show? ( )11. Would you mind the door?

    6.He showed me his new books.(改写句子,句意不变) A. open B. opened C. opening D. opens He _________his new books_______me. ( )12. --- I love sports shows. What about you?

    三、完成句子。 --- .

    1. 我也不同意你。 A. I did, too B. I do, too. C. I also. D. I too.

     I dont you, . ( )13. My aunt has a boy.

    2. 婷娜也会弹钢琴。 A. five-year- old B. five-years-old C. five-year old D. five year old

     Tina play the piano. ( )14. How about sports news, Maria?

    3. 你觉得《今日说法》栏目怎样, A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. watches

     do you Legal Report? ( )15. He got up late this morning. So there no time for him to have breakfast. 4. 他们上课总是讲话,我简直受不了他们。 A. was B. is C. had D. has

     They always talking in class. I cant . 二、正确形式填空。

    5. 我爸爸喜欢在电视上看足球赛。 1. What about for a walk with me? (go)

     My father enjoys games on TV. 2. He really enjoys very much. (read)

    6. 孩子们昨天下午在公园玩得很开心。 3. He the policeman last night. (see)

     The kids in the park yesterday afternoon. 4. Thanks for us, Alice. (join)

    7你觉得游戏节目怎样,”“我忍受不了那些东西。 5. She doesnt mind you here. (talk)

    "_________do you_______ _________game shows?""I _________ ________them." 6. There a woman and two children in the boat. (be) 8、那是个仅5岁的男孩,但他会写字、会看书。 7. The coat is very beautiful. (color) That is only ________ ___________boy, but he can write and __________. 8. Some of the childrens are interesting. (question)


9、他们对每样东西的看法如何, An old woman went shopping last Tuesday. She came to a bank and saw a car near the door. A man got out of it

    ________did they ________ ________ _________thing? and went into the bank. She looked into the car. The keys were still in the lock. 四、完型填空。 The old woman took the keys and followed the man into the bank.

    Dr Clark was a very busy man. He always 1 hard. He often forgets 2 In the bank, the man took a gun out of his pocket and said to the clerk, "Give me all your money!" but the old

    familys birthday. woman didn't see this. She went to the man, put the keys in his hand and said. "Young man. you're foolish! Never

     Yesterday afternoon he 3 it was his wifes birthday. He loved his wife. He wanted to give leave your keys in your car. Someone's going to steal () it!"

    her a 4 . On his way home from the hospital he bought some beautiful flowers 5 a shop. The man looked at the old woman for a few seconds. Then he looked at the clerkand then he took his keys, ran

     When Dr. Clark got 6 , he gave his 7 the flowers and said, Happy birthday to you. out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly, without any money. Dear! I remember its your birthday 8 . ( )1. Last Tuesday an old woman went out .

     Mrs. Clark laughed and said, My birthday 9 the day before yesterday. But thank you A. to visit a friend of hers B. to look for a clerk C. to buy something in shops D. to meet a man 10 . Better late than never. (迟做比不做好) ( )2. She was surprised to find__ ( )1. A. studied B. worked C. played D. read

    A. a car near the bank B. a man out of the bank C. a gun in the man's pocket D. the keys in the lock ( )2. A. his B. her C. him D. himself

    ( )3. Did she know who the man was? ( )3. A. forgot B. forgets C. remembered D. remembers

    A. Yes, she did. B. No, she didn't. C. Yes, but a little. D. No, she knew he was. ( )4. A. thing B. book C. open D. present

    ( )4. The man_____. ( )5. A. by B. in C. on D. with

    A. didn't take any money away B. took little money away C. took much money D. didn't dare to take ( )6. A. hospital B. shop C. home D. there

    any money ( )7. A. son B. mother C. friend D. wife

    ( )5. In the passage "lock" means . ( )8. A. today B. tomorrow C. yesterday D. the day before yesterday

     A. 柜子 B. 车厢 C. 行李箱 D. 车锁 ( )9. A. is B. was C. are D. were

     ( )10. A. too B. also C. all D. all the same

     五、阅读理解。 A

     Dear Nancy, Your letter arrived yesterday , and I was glad to hear from you. I'm now living with an American family in New York City. It is one of the biggest (最大的) cities in the United States. Everyone of the family likes art and is kind to me. Jim, the second son of the family, draws pictures better than I. Last Sunday Jim and I went to the park and drew some pictures. All the benches (长凳) were filled with old people. After drawing some pictures we lay down on the grass and enjoyed talking about our future(将来). Yours,


    ( )1. Where is John living now?

    A. Japan. B. China. C. America. D. Canada.

    ( )2. When did Jim and John go to the park?

    A. Yesterday. B. Last Sunday. C. Last year. D. Three days ago.

    _________________________________________________________________________ ( )3. What did they do after drawing?

    _________________________________________________________________________ A. They drank milk. B. They slept. C. They went home. D.They talked about their future.

    _________________________________________________________________________ ( )4. Jim is the _____son of the family.

    _________________________________________________________________________ A. first B. second C. third D. fourth

    _________________________________________________________________________ ( )5. All the benches were filled with______.

    _________________________________________________________________________A. old people B. dogs C. kids D. women




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