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Skills - AdvancedmedSkil

     Yeliu Irish

     1542 Hwy 389 Lynn Haven, Fl 32444


     Telephone: 850-747-1444


    ;Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Acupuncture and

    chinese Herbs) , Florida, USA

    ;Licensed Massage Therapist.


    2004-2009: Wellness Alternative Medicine Center

     Acupuncturist and LMT

     Florida, USA

     1995-2004 Guam Memorial Hospital

     Specializing in Rehabilitation

    1995 Shenyang Medical Hospital, China

     Specializing in Acupuncture & TCM

     11 years from 1986-1995


    2005 Haney Technical School,

     Florida, USA

    1990 China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences and

     The Mebo TCM Training Center

     Major Acupuncture

     Internship at Wangjing Hospital, Beijing China1986 Public Health Shenyang Medical College, China

     Major Traditional Chinese Medicine

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