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    To: Ms Jing Shang Date: September 14, 2013 Name:王厅晓


    Beagle Patrol

    The beagle is a small- to medium-sized breed of dog. It looks similar in appearance to the foxhound but is smaller, and has shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles have extremely powerful sense of smell, used mainly for tracking hares, rabbits, and other games. Because of this tracking instinct, they are often employed as detection dogs.

    What does it take to be a detection dogs? They have beagle instinct and they have to be great with people and children, because when we work them in the airports etc.

    The first lucky dog is a beagle called Stockton. Stockton’s training at the

    international detector dog training center. First, he works with a box with mixed.(the box inside beef jerky, an mango, an orange and apple) After that he works with carry-ons and soft-side bags. Then, he moves on to find specific odors in larger, hard suitcases. He sits on the suitcases when he finds a target scent. (the odors comes out from the seam) If the Stockton that is good at enough after the initial training can wear the official green jacket and become a

detector dog. But if Stockton cannot be good to complete the training, he will

be adopted by some homes.

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