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    Project Rebound

    P.O. Box 352

    Fairhope, AL 36533

    800-639-REBOUND (7326)

Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Paige Rucker, Project Rebound

    June 25, 2012 Phone: 251-978-1150


    FAIRHOPE, AL Project Rebound, a non-profit organization assisting Gulf Coast residents with oil spill

    crisis counseling and related issues, is partnering with OSBO (Organization Supporting Small Business thOwners), to offer a series of free Gulf Coast Recovery Webinars beginning Tuesday, July 10 from 1:00

    pm to 3:00 pm. The webinars will feature a number of topics and subjects including Career Development, Mental/Physical Health, Business Development, Financial Recovery and Going Green. Visitors can also learn about Disaster Preparedness & Recovery within every topic. The webinars will occur every two ndththweeks on the 2 and 4 Tuesday of the month. The first topic on July 10 will feature “How to Reinvent thYour Business” followed by “How to Establish Business Credit” on July 24.

    Project Rebound continues to provide services for Baldwin and Mobile county residents who have been impacted by the 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill. We understand that people are busy and cannot always afford the luxury of taking time to attend or travel to a workshop or seminar. That is why we partnered with OSBO to offer a convenient way for people to leverage time and resources more effectively. Best of all, they can take advantage of a multitude of topics that will benefit their business, family and overall wellbeing,” said Paige Rucker, State Director, Project Rebound.

“Convenience is the key in today’s economy. We were excited to offer a free webinar series to Gulf

    Coast residents by way of sponsorships from local, regional and national businesses. We intend to host and archive the webinars so they can be replayed for those who cannot attend the 1 to 3pm window. As we offer these webinars we will also create a library of webinar resources to allow attendees that may have joined in mid-series to go back and view earlier webinars for content. Our goal is to provide a rich media experience that mimics the look and feel of a personal meeting, while providing incredible resources that can help our Gulf Coast community effectively recover,” Tana Torrano, Founder/CEO, OSBO


For those interested in attending the upcoming Gulf Coast Recovery Webinars go to or Businesses and organizations interested in

    participating in future webinars should contact Tana Torrano at 1-855-OSBO-ORG or email

Project Rebound

    Project Rebound is a nonprofit organization funded by a $12 million dollar grant from BP to the State Mental Health Department. The organization is designed to assist in coastal recovery as a result of the 2010 Deep Water Horizon/BP oil spill. If someone needs assistance whether it be financial, emotional or deeply personal Project Rebound is here to help. Counselors are available 24/7 by calling 1-800-639-REBOUND (7326) or by visiting the Project Rebound website at Project

    Rebound teams are also trained to help survivors of the April 2011 tornadoes that have been displaced and may be living in Baldwin or Mobile counties.

OSBO (Organization Supporting Small Business Owners)

    Founded in 2002, OSBO is a virtual business resource providing business owners with access to volume discount buying power, virtual training programs, and health benefits programs for their company and employees. Business owners can access the training and benefits online and can participate in the live webinar training or access the training archives if they are not able to participate live. OSBO offers busy executives a way to grow their business, train their team, save money on necessary business products and services and have corporate level benefits to offer their employees, without ever having to leave their business. The resources are available 24/7 through the OSBO website.

    OSBO offers businesses, from startup to corporate, opportunities to share resources, promote their products and services, collaborate, and offer professional and personal development for their employees. Because the resources are offered virtually, the programs are also a benefit for the sustainability initiatives of companies and can significantly offsets the carbon footprint of a business by being paperless and virtual. For more information visit or call Tana Torrano,

    Founder/CEO at 855-OSBO ORG (855-672-6674) or email at


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