2011 Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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2011 Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine2011

    2011 Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Prospectus for Foreign Students

I. Qualification:

    1. Foreign students who graduated from Senior Middle School. 2. HSK Band 6 is required.

    3. Chinese with Foreign Nationality must have valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for

    at least 4 years, and has lived outside China for at least 2 years in the last 4 years until April 30

    of the applicants enrollment year (the date is calculated with the entry and exit stamp, and

    living outside China for at least 9 months in 1 year can be calculated as 1 year).

    II. Applying Procedures:

    Anytime is available. The copy of certificate, academic records, passport and 5 passport-sized

    photos are required.

    Liaison: Mr. Huang Yingqing

    Address: Overseas Education College of Fujian University of TCM

    No.282 Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350003, P.R.China E-mail:

    91-83570276, 83570028 Fax: 0086-591-83571164 Tel: 0086-5



    Bachelor Degree Program

    TCM Science (5 years) TCM Pharmacology (4 years)

    Clinical Integrative Medicine (5years) Pharmacology (4 years)

    Clinical Integrative Medicine (Speciality: Pharmaceutics (4 years)

    Orthopaedics & Traumatology) (5years)

    Clinical Medicine (5 years) Pharmaceutical Engineering(4 years)

    Clinical Medicine (Speciality: Orthopaedics & Marketing (Speciality: Pharmaceutical Marketing) (4 years)

    Traumatology) (5years)

    Clinical Medicine Food Science & Engineering (4 years)

    (Speciality:Rehabilitation ) (5 years)

    Clinical Medicine Public Utilities Management

    (Speciality: Radiotherapy) (5 years) (Speciality: Medical Management) (4 years)

    Medical Imaging(4 years) Public Utilities Management

     (Speciality: Medical Law) (5 years)

    Biomedical Engineering(4 years) Public Utilities Management

    (Speciality:Health Insurance) (4 years)

    Acupuncture and Massage (5 years) TCM Science (Speciality:Clinical Psychology)(5 years)

    Acupuncture and Massage Nursing Science (4 years)

    (Speciality: TCM Cosmetology) (5 years)

    Rehabilitation Therapeutics(4 years)

IV. Fees:

    Application Tuition Study materials Accommodation Insurance

    RMB 600 /year/person

    RMB 20,000/ RMB1200/ year/bed (?45 years old) RMB400/person RMB 1000/person year/person (4 beds a room) RMB 1000/year/person

    (>45 years old

    RemarksThe application fees is paid by freshmen on enrollment in one lump sum and for the fees of study materials, there will be a refund for any overpayment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency; electricity and water bills for those students who live on campus will be paid according to the actual usage.

Notes: If you are applying for Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree, please contact the

    Post-Graduate Department . Liaison: Mr. Weng Feng Tel: +86-591-22861067 E-mail:

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