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here - Sol Biotech Incorporated


    3200 Kayson Street

    Silver Spring, MD 20906 (USA)

    Phone: (301) 942-4898

    email: koxenrider[at]sol[dash]biotech[dot]com


    Keith Oxenrider has a diverse background (business management, biotechnology,

    production management, and computer optimization) that he is eager to bring to bear on

    solving complex problems. He has developed a strong interest in using sophisticated

    programming techniques (such as Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms, Genetic

    Programming, and Machine Learning) to provide solutions to problems that are currently

    handled by human experts. With a very strong technical background (BS Biochemistry

    with over seven years laboratory experience; since '96 programming and project

    management experience on Windows and UNIX (mostly Solaris and Linux) platforms

    including more than 60K lines of C++ in more than 270 source files and 240 objects and

    on MS SQLServer/Sybase over 14K lines of SQL including more than 100 stored

    procedures), Mr. Oxenrider is well prepared for quickly assimilating new situations and

    developing novel solutions to complex problems. With an MBA and experience as a plant

    manager Mr. Oxenrider is also well suited for interfacing with management at all levels.

    For two years he was 'elected' a Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional in the C++

    category (MVP, 2003-2005).

    My LinkedIn page:

    For those of you interested in a more narrative approach to my eclectic background, here is a bit of an IT


    I have a TS/SCI with CI and FSP


    C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, Sybase, SQLServer, MySQL, Postgrsql, CVS, SVN, CND, CNO Framework, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Wireshark, IPv6, XML, ASN.1, CGI, Solaris, UNIX, Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat, Object Oriented Programming/Design, Intrusion Detection (IDS/Snort), Program/Process Optimization, Multi-threading/processing, Bioinformatics, Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms/Programs, Machine Learning, Simulations, Scrum, Telecommunications, STM / Synchronous Transport Module, bitHDLC, shared memory. TS/SCI w/FSP.

Education and Certifications:

    Certified Scrum Product Owner October 2009

    Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) December 2003 -

    December 2006

    Master in Business Administration May 1995

    The R.B. Pamplin College of Business

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

    o Research Focus: The use of an Evolutionary Algorithm to optimize assembly line launch orders

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 1

    o Educational Focus: Entrepreneurship, High Growth Companies, Negotiation, Awareness of

    Contract Law and Corporate Law, and Management Control Systems

    Pursued Master in Biochemistry 1993-1994

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

    Thesis: To design a de novo pyrophosphatase.

    B.S. Biochemistry May 1991

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

    Work Experience:

    ; With JONY Software Solutions (1/2013 - Present)

    o C++ programming on a Tilera platform for high-speed network applications.

    o Removed a layer 1 protocol from channels within the telecommunication signals. o Analysis of data output from FPGA processing of telecommunications signals o Use of shared memory for high-speed communication betweens cores on Tilera. o Compression of streaming data via Boost libraries.

    ; With MasterPeace Solutions Ltd (4/2010 1/2013)

    o Re-implemented in C++ a network stack written in C executing on top of TCP or UDP that includes

    message fragmentation / asynchronous and out of order reassembly, encryption / decryption and

    authentication. This work included writing test drivers to explore performance capabilities. o Maintained a 300K+ line C code CNO framework on Unix/Win/Mac OSX/Linux (x86 and x86_64)

    written using an object oriented paradigm.

    o Developed a C++ program to take the output of DTrace to use for performance analysis. o Wrote a framework 'throughput' module to allow for testing of the network throughput capabilities of

    applications under more real-word conditions.

    o Wrote a C++ program to deal with the unreliable connection to the SVN server so HUDSON

    regression tests would work reliably.

    o Used Python for writing and executing regression tests.

    o Taught classes on the framework.

    ; With AT&T Government Solutions (4/2009 - 4/2010)

    o Was instrumental in the production and submission of a proposal response to a government BAA. o Software/Systems Engineer for a network packet capture and analysis system targeted toward multiple

    10 Gbps connections.

    o Prototyped the (C++) code changes necessary for the system to become IPv6 compliant. o Some experience with Snort and Wireshark.

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 2

    o Developed a tool to compare the output from 'nm' with the output from 'ctags' that would reveal the

    code in our repository that was not actually being used in our executables.

    ; With Technology Ventures (8/2008 - 12/2008)

    o Under contract with Fannie Mae (FNMA): (8/2008 - 12/2008)

    o Debugged Solaris to Linux migration issues including Release core dump analysis with smashed stack. o General maintance of legacy 'Valuation Net' system.

    ; With Lockheed Martin (previously Management System Designers) (5/2001 - 4/2003, 2/2004 - 5/2008)

    o Under contract with the National Center for Biotechnology Information: (5/2001 - 4/2003, 2/2004 -


    o Wrote more than 55,000 lines of C++ code in more than 270 files comprising over 240 classes. o Working primarily on MS SQLServer and Sybase, wrote (or substantially rewrote) more than 14,000

    lines of SQL in more than 250 files including over 100 stored procedures.

    o Using NCBI’s C++ toolkit to write various programs to extract, process, and load ASN.1 formatted

    data into an Entrez database.

    o Loading, extracting, and prepping genome data to/from Sybase and SQLServer utilizing C/C++, Perl

    and SQL scripts.

    o Wrote well over a dozen CGIs (mostly in C++) to extract, process and report/display database


    o Optimizing processes (modified one process that took more than 15 hours to take less than 15 minutes). o Extensive experience working with Perl.

    For Voice of America: (6/2000)

    o Wrote a white paper discussing alternatives for bypassing censorship called "Peer-to-Peer Alternative

    for Disseminating IBB Information to Censoring Countries". Please see http://sol- to view a revised version of that document.

    o Wrote a proof-of-concept program to demonstrate the feasibility of bypassing web censorship; please


    ; With Sol Biotech Inc (5/2003 - 1/2004)

    o Wrote and submitted two SBIR grants to the NIH, one for an evolutionary algorithm-based machine

    learning program to elucidate the rules for protein folding, another for the design and expression of a

    synthetic anti-freeze protein.

    o Began writing a shift scheduling program that is Java/Web-based. Targeted toward scheduling nurses. o Began design of a protein fold prediction algorithm.

    o Collected bits of program source (mostly C++) and a few writeups on secure and performance

    programming here.

    o Acted as a mentor on several C/C++ developer forums (nearly 5,500 posts total) primarily at the Dev

    Shed with the handle 'mitakeet'.

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 3

    ; Experience with Computer Extension Professionals under contract with KoSa: (5/98 4/2001)

    o Success with the initial portion of a shop floor data collection system called Production Data

    Interchange (PDI) lead to a call from senior plant management to extend PDI throughout the entire

    plant’s manufacturing process. The extension of PDI reached the stage where almost 80% of the

    manufacturing was under tracking control of PDI and the remaining 20% was expected to be included

    by Summer 2001. This system includes the use of hand-held scanners accessing the network via a

    remote frequency (RF) radio interface. The PDI system was documented to reduce headcount by 8

    and save over $300,000 per year in labor costs.

    o Managed the conversion of MOMS (Machine Operation Management System, an HP based program

    written in Transact) to a Windows based interface written in Visual Basic 6 accessing a SQLServer 7

    database called PDI utilizing a touch-screen interface and barcode scanning data entry. Deployed mid

    November 1999.

    o Acted as technical lead for Visual Basic and SQLServer development, providing design, performing

    code reviews, and ensuring adherence to standards. Mentored other developers, teaching them

    implementation details of Visual Basic, C/C++, ADO, and SQLServer.

    o Designed and implemented a generic database maintenance tool (in VB) that allows users full access to

    the database information that is within their scope. Access is protected by passwords and tables are

    restricted by groups.

    o Wrote a Server program in C++ to act as an interface for hand-held scanners. This program uses ADO

    to access the SQLServer 7 database.

    o Designed and coded approximately 70% of a series of Visual Basic 6.0 application interfaces for

    collecting manufacturing run-time information representing more than 77,000 lines of code, 115 forms,

    22 user controls, and 28 modules. The applications, called as a group Production Data Interchange

    (PDI), interface with a SQLServer 7.0 database with near real-time visual display of collected data. o Acted as DBA for SQLServer 7.0 database during development, including the writing of stored

    procedures and triggers, loading data, and ensuring backups and other database maintenance. o Designed a Java application (Java version 1.1.6) to track work hours by developer and project.

    Application places this information into a restricted access database via password authentication.

    ; At Vector Research: (11/96 - 5/98)

    o Managed design and development of Lotus Notes in-house marketing information database. o Team Leader for a group (9 people of diverse backgrounds) tasked to develop marketing material

    lauding the past works of Vector Research and projecting their Solution Capability into the future. o Deputy Director of Testing and Technical Lead. Provided mentoring and motivation for testing

    personnel (6 people). Reviewed team’s test cases and test plans to verify documents met the test


    o Chair of Code-reuse committee: prepared a proposal to present to senior division management

    detailing the implementation of the hardware, software, and policy needed to create an atmosphere

    where good programming code can be maintained in a useable format to be easily assimilated into new

    or ongoing programming projects.

    o Initiated and developed an in-house marketing proposal to build a Materials Requirements Planning

    software package that included a built-in optimizer based on the Evolutionary Production Sequencer

    (Please see

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 4

    o Beginning first as assistant project leader, became acting project leader when current leader began 3-

    month maternity leave. Managed the flurry of activity surrounding the run up to product release, then,

    when the release was put on hold, wrote a plan to address the perceived shortcomings of the product.

    Put into place the approved changes to the existing product.

    o As Testing Technical Lead, designed and implemented scripts and C programs to enhance the

    reproducibility of testing process and to allow creation of test data that contained the entire range of

    expected and the expected unexpected values.

    o Wrote a program to compare data stored in an ASCII file (containing more than 2.7 million records)

    with the contents of other ASCII files and modify those other files based on matches found in the first

    file. The C program processed more than 2,500 files containing more than 1.5 gigabytes of information

    in 3 hours.

    o Have written several C utility programs: to modify large (GB) flat ASCII files; to parse positional and

    delimited records from flat files; to change the contents of positional and delimited records for use in

    testing database loading programs.

    o Experienced writing and modifying SQL scripts to interact with records in a multi-table database.

    ; At Eagle Design and Management: (12/95 - 3/96)

    o Experienced with UNIX, SED, and AWK scripting to modify large (up to 100 MB) ASCII files for

    loading into a database.

    o With another programmer, and under extreme time pressure (less than 2 weeks), learned a proprietary

    new language, new compiler, new debugger, and used that to modify a program written in this

    language to successfully add certain functionality to the program.

    ; During MBA studies: (12/94 - Summer ‘95)

    o Prepared strategic management analysis on Genentech, Inc. (among the first biotech companies formed,

    and still among the largest in size and revenues.)

    o Prepared business plan for creating a management consulting business focusing on facilitating business

    between US and Chinese companies.

    o Designed and developed a C application called The Evolutionary Production Sequencer (Please see, an algorithm for sequencing product launch orders for a mixed model

    assembly line. Required the creation of code to simulate an assembly line environment both with and

    without components being built in a Just-In-Time manner. Required the creation of new evolutionary

    algorithm modules in order to successfully evolve toward a solution. This research has led to two

    published abstracts and a full paper in Decision Sciences (See below).

    ; Experience gained on own:

    o (2004/2005) Wrote applications to dynamically write binary instructions to memory and execute them.

    Please see for a C version

    and for a C++ version.

    o (2/2001) Have written an on-line DNA Analysis tool in C++ that will translate or perform a restriction

    digest on a DNA sequence.

    o (10/2000) Wrote a program in Visual C++ to perform restriction digests and translations of DNA

    sequences and to simplify the design of overlapping sequences for gene construction. o (6/2000) Wrote and installed a medical package for The Mendoza Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.

    This Visual Basic 6 / SQLServer 7 package is user configurable, allowing the medical practice to alter

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 5

    and track drug inventories, patient diagnoses, and the charges for each. The system includes patient

    billing and accounts receivable.

    o (1/99) Wrote CGI programs in C that protected access of encrypted server data via password


    o (Ongoing) Established and maintained a web site to experiment with

    different web techniques.

    o (Summer ‘97) Wrote a C prototype for a JAVA implementation of a Visual Evolutionary Algorithm.

    Please see The Visual EA Site (

    o (Spring ‘97) Conceived of, designed, and developed a proof of concept algorithm (in C) demonstrating

    encryption using chaos with a key that was up to 90 bits long and with a practical key twice as long. o (Work begun early ‘96) Designed and coding (in C) an Evolutionary Algorithm based learning

    program designed to elucidate the rules behind the precise folding of the three dimensional structure of


    o (Summer ‘96 - Fall ‘96) Developed and marketed Management and Accounting Services, a consulting


    o (Spring ‘95 - Summer ‘95) Organized a team (including a senior project manager for a Fortune 50

    company and a Professor at a major US University) to market and distribute self-developed production

    optimization software (The Evolutionary Production Sequencer, please see

    Was speaker for on-site presentations to potential customers of software.

    o (Fall ‘93 - Summer ‘94) Developed and marketed a proposal for building an ice arena near the campus

    of Virginia Tech. Was featured on a regional televised news broadcast and in regional and on-campus


    ; As the Plant Manager at Premier Chemicals: (1/87 - 8/88)

    o Developed and maintained production scheduling to meet demand subject to availability of raw


    o Was directly responsible for production line design and implementation.

    o Oversaw inventory control and product quality control.

    o Implemented changes in SOPs to improve inventory and product quality control.

    Scientific Experience:

    o Work experience with Sol Biotech Inc (5/2003 - 1/2004)

    ; Began design work on an anti-freeze protein.

    ; Began design work on a class of metal ion binding proteins.

    ; Continued work on pyrophosphatase (see below).

    ; Continued design work for the construction of molecular scale computing components.

    o As a free-lance researcher (‘95):

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 6

    A second (first described below) de novo protein project was begun in spring of 1995 to

    design and express a synthetic anti- freeze protein. After similar design work as below, the

    gene was created by ligation of overlapping oligos, inserted into an E. coli plasmid and the

    production of the protein was induced. This effort was rewarded by the production of large

    (2-5% total protein) amounts of the de novo protein.

    o As a student in the Master of Biochemistry program ('93-'94):

    Thesis project was to design and express a de novo protein that would fold into a three

    dimensional form that would have an active site for the catalysis of pyrophosphate into

    phosphate. The protein was first designed with accurate physical plastic models, then

    translated into coordinates to be used in a computer model. The computer model was

    subjected to simulated annealing. Modifications to the primary structure of the protein were

    made until the simulation indicated that the structure was stable. The primary sequence of the

    protein was translated into codons common to highly expressed E. coli proteins, oligos

    selected to represent the gene of the protein, the oligos PCRed to create the gene. After the

    gene was inserted into an E. coli plasmid the sequence was verified and the protein was


    o As a student and as a full-time laboratory employee (‘89-‘93):

    Various experience working with molecular biology techniques; DNA sequencing; PCR;

    extensive experience working with radioisotopes; normal and transformed animal cell culture;

    Archeabacterial, bacterial, and yeast cell culture; and protein purification. o Published 4 papers. (See below)

List of Employers:

    Senior Computer Scientist Jan. '13 - Present JONY Software Solutions, Columbia, MD Principal Software Engineer Apr. '10 Jan. '13 MasterPeace Solutions Ltd, Columbia, MD Govt Sr Spec Software Design Apr. '09 - Apr. '10 AT&T Government Solutions, Columbia, MD Senior C++ Programmer Aug. '08 - Dec. '08 Technology Ventures Inc., Vienna, VA Senior Systems Analyst Feb. '04 - May '08 Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD President, PI May '03 - Jan. '04 Sol Biotech Inc., Silver Spring, MD Senior Systems Analyst May '01 - Apr. '03 Management System Designers Inc., Vienna, VA Project Manager May '98 - Apr. '01 Computer Extension Professionals Inc., Columbia, SC Senior Scientist Nov. '96 - Apr. '98 Vector Research Inc., Arlington, VA Computer Consultant July '96 - Oct. '96 Management and Acct. Services, Fairfax, VA Programmer II Dec. '95 - Mar. '96 Eagle Design and Management, Bethesda, MD Laboratory Specialist May '91 - Aug. '93 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA Dragon Gunner Feb. '89 - Oct. '92 VA Army National Guard Plant Manager Jan. '87 - Aug. '88 Premier Chemicals, Burke, VA Compound Preparation May '87 - Nov. '87 Hazelton Labs, Vienna VA Armorer May '82 - May '88 US Marine Corps Reserve

List of Publications:

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 7

Robert T. Sumichrast, Keith A. Oxenrider, and Edward R. Clayton. "An Evolutionary

    Algorithm for Sequencing Production on a Paced Assembly Line". Decision Sciences

    Winter 2000 edition, 31(1): 149-172.

    Robert T. Sumichrast, Keith A. Oxenrider, and Edward R. Clayton. "Assembly Lines:

    Aligning Assumptions with Reality". Pages 249-250. The Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Chapter of DSI.

    Keith A. Oxenrider, Eugene L. Oxenrider, Edward R. Clayton, and Robert T. Sumichrast. "Use of a Genetic Algorithm to Generate Product Sequences for a Mixed-Model Assembly Line". Pages 337-339. Proceedings of the 31st annual meeting of the Southeastern Chapter of the Institute of Management Sciences.

    Keith A. Oxenrider, Madeline E. Rasche, Marc V. Thorsteinsson, and Peter J. Kennelly. "Inhibition of an Archeal Protein Phosphatase Activity by Okadaic Acid, Microcystin LR,or Calyculin A". 331(3): 291-295. FEBS Letters, 1993.

    Keith A. Oxenrider and Peter J. Kennelly. "A Protein-serine Phosphatase from the Halophilic Archeon Haloferax volcanii". 194(3):1330-1335. Biochemical and

    Biophysical Research Communications, 1993.

    Peter J. Kennelly, Keith A. Oxenrider, Jei Leng, John S. Cantwell, and Ningyue Zhao. "Identification of a Serine/Threoning-specific Protein Phosphatase for the Archeabacterium Sulfolobus solfataricus". 268(9):6505-6510. The Journal of Biological

    Chemistry, 1993.

    Keith A. Oxenrider, Guojun Bu, and Tomas O. Sitz. "Adenosine Analogs Inhibit the Guanine-7-Methylation of mRNA Cap Structures". 316(3):273-277. FEBS Letters, 1993.

    Keith Oxenrider’s Resume 8

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