ABA Asia Trip 2005

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ABA Asia Trip 2005

ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    Tepper School of Business

    Asian Business Association

    Asia Trip 2006


    1. Introduce” and “Experience” Chinese and Japanese culture

    2. Visit several leading Asian organizations

    3. Meet with Tepper Asian alumnae

    Dates: Winter Break, January 3 14, 2006

    Budget: $2,500 for air, hotel and food (estimate) per person Contact Information:

    Robert Early

    Christine Lee

     886-958215791 (Taiwanese phone that works in China)

    Yori Yamashita

     81-90-4934-6831 (Japanese mobile phone)



    王府井大酒店 Wangfujing Grand Hotel

    Address: 北京王府井大街57 / 57 Wangfujing Avenue, Beijing 100006

    TEL: 86-10-65221188

    1/4 (Wednesday night) through 1/10 (Tuesday morning)

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ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005


    秦皇島長城酒店 Great Wall Hotel ? as recommended by Alcoa

    Address: 秦皇島燕山大街202 / 202 Yanshan Dajie, Qinhuangdao, China, 066001

    Tel: 86-335-3061666

    1/6 (Friday night) to 1/7 (Saturday morning)


    Shinagawa Prince Hotel

    TEL: 81-3-3440-1111

    1/10 (Tuesday night) through 1/14 (Saturday morning)

    Location: 2 minute walk from Shinagawa Station (on Yamanote Line)

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ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005


    Beijing Arrival

    Please take metered taxis from airport. Passengers should have the destination written in

    Chinese or indicated on a map (this document has a map so no worry).

    Taxis are available on the lower level just outside the Arrivals area. When arriving at the

    airport, AVOID drivers who approach you in the terminal or outside the terminal as these

    are almost always price-gougers, who will ask triple or more the actual price. There is a

    taxi line just outside the terminal. Drivers should use their meter; make sure that the driver

    puts down the flag, as some drivers will say they forgot and ask for a ridiculous amount of


    The cost to your hotel is around RMB100 or less, plus RMB15 for the highway toll. There

    is no need to tip taxi drivers in Beijing. Or total less than RMB 120, or US$15.

Inside China

    We are renting a mini-bus for most travel. Also, Alcoa will be sponsoring our trip from

    Beijing to Bohai (about 3.5h one-way)! Make sure to say thanks!

Beijing Departure

    Travel by group by a “fleet” of taxis

Tokyo Arrival

    Travel by group by train. Take Keisei Limited Express from Narita to Nippori (75

    minutes). Transfer to JR Yamanote Line and ride to Shinagawa (20 minutes).

Inside Japan

    We will use subways and trains. Make sure you have pocket money (??).

Tokyo Departure

    Travel by small group by train. Reverse as above.


    Please bring $500 in cash. We will use this in China. Also, exchange about $50 at the

    airport for the first day. In Japan, American style ATMs are available. Be prepared to pay

    for the hotel with a credit card and have around $400 in the ATM for withdrawal.

    Item Card Cost Cash Cost

    Hotel Beijing & Bohai $250

    Transportation in China $50

    Food-China $100

    Misc-China $100

    Hotels-Japan $400

    Food-Japan $300

    Misc $100

    Total $400 $900

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ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    Bring more cash if you would like to buy lots of stuff!

    Other Issues


    See map at end.


    In January, the temperature in Beijing city is normally around -5 to -10 (Celsius) or

    14 to 23 (Fahrenheit). I think it is a little bit lower than what we have in Pittsburgh,

    which is around 26 (Fahrenheit).

    Some visitors feel it is dryer in Beijing. So you may want to bring some skin

    protection products and chap-sticks.


    I marked two different places (Da Dong Roast Duck, 大董烤 and Quan Ju De

    Roast Duck, 全聚德烤) where you can have Beijing Roast Duck. I feel “Da Dong”

    is better in terms of the taste, but “Quan Jun De” is more famous among foreigners.

    Other than roast, you can easily find any kind of Chinese food restaurants in the city.

    You can also find some American or European restaurants at “Oriental Plaza, 方广

    -marked in the map, which is walking distance from your hotel.


    I marked the location of your hotel (Wang Fu Jing Grand Hotel,王府井大酒店). It is

    in the traditional shopping area. There are many restaurants and shopping centers

    within walking distance. I believe you can get a map from the hotel front desk.


    Other than the van you will rent for some regular trips, you may probably take Taxi:

     Make sure the drivers start charging meters after you get on the car. ;

    ; Ask for RECEIPTs (Fa Piao, ) after you pay the charges. There is detailed

    information about the Taxi on the receipt. You can easily find out which

    company the Taxi belongs to in case you forget anything in the Taxi.

    ; Normally there are no tips, but drivers would be happy if you tip them.

    One thing Christine has mentioned is about the trip from Airport to hotel. I am not

    sure if the administrations has regulate it or not, but a better way to avoid the

    problem is to wait in line. There are directions at the exits of the airport.


    Considering Christine’s strong interests in doing research on a popular business

    issue (Counterfeit for Christmas, Gift Givers Tap New Source As Travel to China


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ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    Knockoff Quality Improves, By MEI FONG, Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET

    JOURNAL, December 9, 2005; Page B1), I marked twp popular markets on the map

    (Xiu Shui Market, 秀水市 and Hong Qiao Market, ).

    The old Xiu Shui (a.k.a, silk street) was removed. The one I marked is the place most

    old vendors move to. The other Xiu Shui is in a more modernized building:

    Hong Qiao attracted lots of foreign celebrities such as Bill Clinton and Margaret

    Thatcher. There are also more categories of goods here.


    I think Christine has a tight schedule for you. Other than that, you can find some

    places to go at Oriental Plaza. I marketed two popular bar areas (Houhai, 后海 and

    San Li Tun, 三里屯) on the map too. If the temperature is low enough, there will be

    an “Ice Lights festival” in BeiHai Park, which might worth of a visit.


    Currencies exchange Normally, it costs more to exchange RMB at airport and hotel

    than in local banks. You can check the spot exchange rate and see if you can accept

    the rate.


    There is no toilet paper in public restrooms in China. So bring some tissues!


    Electricity in China is 220V, 50 cycles, AC. Two-pin sockets and some three-pin sockets

    are in use. Most of the hotels have a socket in the bathroom for both 110V and 220V.

    However, outside of the bathroom, only 220V sockets are provided. Although an adapter

    may be borrowed from the hotel, it is recommended you bring your own adapter plug.

For more, check out and Explore Japan

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    ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005


    3-Jan Tue Daytime: Depart Pittsburgh

    4-Jan Wed Daytime: Arrive in Beijing

    5-Jan Thu Morning: Lenovo

     Afternoon: Pepsi Co.

    6-Jan Fri All Day: Alcoa Trip to Bohai plant 7-Jan Sat All Day: Lots of tourist travel

    including the start of the

    Great Wall of China

    8-Jan Sun Morning: Tourism in Beijing:

    Lots of stuff

     Afternoon: Dinner with Alumna Tentative 9-Jan Mon Morning:


     Afternoon: Tsinghua University Lecture/discussion 10-Jan Tue Morning: Depart Beijing

     Afternoon: Arrive Tokyo

    11-Jan Wed Morning:


    12-Jan Thu Morning: Taisei Corporation

     Afternoon: NTT Docomo

     Late Tepper promotion for

    Afternoon: prospectives

     Dinner Dinner with Alumnae

    13-Jan Fri Morning: Sony

     Afternoon: NTT Plala Networks

     Late Waseda University “Structure of the

    Afternoon: Japanese Economy

    and Differences

    between Japanese and

    American Business”

    Professor Hogi

     Dinner Dinner with Waseda

    students and faculty

    14-Jan Sat Daytime Depart NRT

     Daytime Arrive in Pittsburgh

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    ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    Company Visits / Dinners in China



    Pepsi Co.


    Plant Contact: Wei Jian


    Tel.: +86-10-61268866

    MP: +86 13911382281

    HQ Contact: Caroline Jin


    Tel: +86-21-23058101

Dress Code: Suits

Meeting: thTime: January 5 2PM


     PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Plant

    No. 1 CiWei Road, SunCun Village, DaXing District, Beijing

    (1 hour from WangFuJi)

    Alcoa in Quinhuangdao


    Since the 1993 creation of the Alcoa Asia Ltd. representative office in Beijing, Alcoa has

    established nine wholly owned and joint venture operating companies that provide

    innovative solutions for customers in all major markets throughout the People's Republic

    of China. Products produced at our facilities in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Kunming,

    and Qinhuangdao include foil, fasteners, automotive products, construction products,

    plastic closures and decorative sheet. Our Qinhuangdao location is the biggest foil

    producer and exporter in China.


    Joseph Zhou


    HR & Admin. Director

    Tel: +86 335 385 2825

    Fax: +86 335 385 2824

    Cel: +86 137 0335 3388

Dress Code: Suits


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    ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

     thTime: January 5 2PM

    Place: 95 Beihuan Road, Qinhuangdao, Haigang District 066033, China


    In the late summer of 2004, acquired for over $70MM. Founded

    in 2000, sells books, music, videos, toys, software and gifts, with books as the

    largest product category.


    Zhaolu Song


Dress Code: Business Casual

Meeting: thTime: January 9 9AM


    8 Yong'an Li, 19th floor, Chaoyang district, Beijing


    (20 minutes from WangFuJi)


    9:00AM - 9:30AM Joyo presentation (Huabin)

    9:30AM - 10:00AM Q&A session with Hanhua and Albert (Huabin)

    10:00AM - 12:00PM Beijing Fulfillment Center

    Tsinghua University


    Tsinghua University has the number one business school in China


    Professor Gu

Dress Code: Suits



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    ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    Company Visits / Dinners in Japan

    Taisei Corporation


    “As the world enters the second century of modern urban construction, there is a strong

    need to preserve historic scenery, protect the environment and create attractive public and

    private spaces. Taisei Corporation is responding with even more advanced technologies

    through research and development. With a capital position among the strongest in the

    industry, we are redoubling efforts to produce world-class, leading-edge technologies.

    Operations extend internationally, including the construction of dams and other

    environmental and infrastructure projects in developing nations.

Contact Person:

    Tatsuo Mutayama

    TEL: 81-90-3040-3684

Dress code: Suits

Meeting: thTime: January 12 10:00AM



     344-1 Naze-Cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama

9:08 Shinagawa

     ? JR YokosukaLineKurihama \450

    9:37 Higashitotsuka

9:40 Meeting at the ticket gate in Higashitotsuka Station

     *If you’ll be late, you may be refused to enter Taisei R&D center for security purpose

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    ABA Asia Trip 2006 December 26, 2005

    NTT Docomo


    NTT Docomo is the biggest cellular phone service provider in Japan.

Contact Person:

     Our Very Own Yasu EGUCHI


Dress code: Suits

Meeting: thTime: January 12 14:00AM


    東京都千代田区永田町2-11-1 山王パークタワー

    Sano Park Tower, 2-11-1, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo

13:50 Meeting at around security check point in front of the elevator toward 29F in 1st floor

    of Sanno Park Tower

    Coffee with Prospectives

    Contact Person:

    Our Very Own Aya FUJIKI


Dress code: None

Meeting: thTime: January 12 5:30PM to 6:45PM


     喫茶室ルノアールニュー銀座店 マイスペース?号室


     Renoir New Ginza Café, My Space #4

     Kyodo Building 2F, 2-8-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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