marketing project

By Alfred Palmer,2014-10-18 03:35
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marketing project

    Marketing project----Dropbox( networked storage using cloud computing)

    1. Executive summary

    My main goal is developing Networked storage market in china and then occupies a big share in marketing share.

    Dropbox is a Networked storage service using cloud computing which can simplified the process of files transfer, and provide security for files.

    2. Current marketing situation

    Dropbox have little user in china, and most of them are studying aboard or work aboard before.

    Paying customer is very little in china.

    3. Opportunity and Threat analysis


    Here is the situation, there are some familiar company provide same service in china. But the market is not complete developed.

    Dropbox still have big opportunity.


    At the beginning of project, local companies which do the same business and have local advantage would complete with us.

    After market developed, local big network companies would engage in this market and steal customer from us.


    Dropbox have mature technology.


    People get used to use flash disk and other Removable Storage Device here.

    4. Objective

    Marketing objective:

    Occupy 40% marketing share, and 5% of user pay for the product.

    Financial objective:

    Earn 160,000,000 RMB in a year including all expense.


    Payment solution

    Although customers can use credit card to pay for service, it is still complicated to do it for most of customers.


    People in here get used to use removable storage device to transfer documents. Network

    Network in china is not fast.

    5. Marketing strategy

    We provide both free service and paid service.

    Gain the first users in china though doing advertising in big social network site in china Increase the number of users though the system of reward.

    Idea: the more users, the more paying customers.

    Payment: build an easy payment method though cooperating with local bank.

6. Action programs

    Cooperate with big social website to get the first users.

    Then encourage them to invite their friends using our service.

    If their friends accept invitation and use our service, we would give them extra 250MB

    storage space per people.

    They also can buy extra storage space.

    7. Budgets

    Software development cost 10,000.

    First step, spend 23,000 RMB to cooperate with big social networked site to do advertising.

    Second step, spend 100,000 RMB to cooperate with local bank to build an easy payment


    8. Control

    Use E-mail to do some customer survey.

    Then change our service get close to local custom and customer habit.

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