By Frances Elliott,2014-07-08 10:41
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    Welcome to iPads in the Art Room!

    Quick demo of 4, and then we’ll explore!

    1. ArtSite FREE app ($9.99/year subscription)

    a. Set up shows for your students to view

    b. Create a list of online resources to help your students explore on their own

    c. Portfolios for students to upload work and write about their work as well as

    the work of others

    2. AB EX NY - FREE

    a. An example of one of the many apps dedicated to one particular movement

    or artist

    3. ArtPrompts - $0.99

    a. Shake the iPad to generate new ideas to inspire artists by randomly

    combining media, genre, styles, and colors.

    4. Sketchbook Pro - $4.99

    a. Paint and drawing app

    And more… Apps for iPads in the Art Room!

    ; Color Uncovered - FREE

    o A treasure trove of interesting tidbits and activities about color to help students

    (and teachers!) understand better how color works

    ; iPastels - FREE

    o Drawing tool that mimics pastels

    ; Brushes -$7.99

    o Drawing and sketching tool

    ; How To Draw - FREE

    o A collection of online drawing tutorials on YouTube

    ; iCubist - FREE

    o Interactive exploration of the Cubist works of Georges Braque and Pablo


    ; Video FX Live - FREE

    o Video recording and editing

    ; Cartoon Studio - FREE

    o For making still comic strips

    ; Toontastic - FREE

    o Walks you through creating a moving cartoon

    o Includes information about designing a plot (introduction, conflict, turning point,

    and resolution)

    ; Art Terms - $0.99

    o A glossary of “the lingo”

    ; 3-D Art Gallery - FREE

    o Allows you to explore a pre-made gallery and add or change works as you


    o Art history information

    ; Art Authority - $4.99

    o Another art history tool; explore and create galleries ; Guardian Eyewitness - FREE

    o From a digital newspaper in the UK; provides a new image each day “providing a

    daily, visual reflection of global events”

    Other handy tools…

    ; iBooks

    o Textbooks for the iPad

    o Can be bought or created by the teacher on a Mac ; Overdrive

    o Upload media and ebooks

    ; Pages - $9.99

o Word Processor for iPad

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