My Happy School Life

By Jonathan Pierce,2014-12-09 09:13
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My Happy School Life

    My Happy School Life

    窑店初级中学 王曼

     I love my school. And I enjoy my school life. You must wonder how I spend my school life. Let me tell you.

     I am a student named Wang Man. Now I am in Grade 9. As you know, my school life is not only busy but also interesting. Every morning when I am late for school, the teachers would shout at me. The teachers are very responsible. When I ask them questions, they never refuse to answer. When I cannot understand, they always explain them again and again .I love them.

     In my school life, there are many funny things happening every day. For example, our English teacher is very humorous. She often says interesting words and makes us laugh. And our Chinese teacher has a loud voice. No one dare have a nap in her class. There is so mush happiness around us.

     I also have a lot of friends at school. I often talk with them and play games with them after class. When I am in trouble, they always help me. I enjoy my school life and enjoy each minute with my friends and teachers.

     This is my school life. Although I am very busy, I feel very happy. Because I believe a saying: No pains, no gains. I would keep busy to improve myself!

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 王曼?写得好?你看看我改的?今晚须抄好?用钢笔?按我提示的去写?用16k 英语稿纸?找纸张好点的本子。明早交给我?勿忘;


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