Publicity Statement about the Leicester-Shire Music Hub

By Alice Reynolds,2014-09-25 10:32
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Publicity Statement about the Leicester-Shire Music HubPubl

Publicity Statement about the Leicester-Shire Music Hub

More young people to take part in and enjoy Music Making….

Rock and Pop, Classical and Modern, World and Western…. Whatever the taste!

    Local and National music organisations and both City and County Authorities are excited to announce the formation of the Leicester-Shire Music Hub following a successful Bid to the Arts Council to deliver the National Plan for Music* to all young people throughout Leicester and Leicestershire. The Hub will also act as an advocate for music education, encourage participation in music and provide local innovations to improve music making for and by children and young people.

Every area in the country is being required to set up a Music Hub. Leicester-Shire’s Hub is a

    partnership of over 30 organisations as well as all schools and both Local Authorities. National and regional partners include The Philharmonia Orchestra, The Darbar Arts Culture and Heritage Trust, Sinfonia ViVa and Soft Touch Arts Ltd. Other partners range from charitable trusts, community arts organisations, small businesses, national providers of music equipment and technology, colleges and choral groups, including the Cathedral.

    Our Hub has an ambitious vision. It aims to be an innovative and enterprising body with a Vision to inspire and lead all children and young people towards exciting, rewarding, varied high quality and progressive musical experiences, individually and with others, that embrace and celebrate the broad and diverse cultures of the region.

    In September, a new programme will start to enable every child in primary school to have a chance to learn to play a musical instrument in their class and to learn to sing, taking part in performances in their own and potentially other venues. 150 primary classes will take part in the first term and then more will follow. Schools will be given the chance to sign up to a 2 year programme for every child. After that, there will then be more chances than ever before to continue learning music and taking part in a range of groups. There will be musical links between primary and secondary schools so children can continue successful lessons and activities as they change schools. Instruments will be available on loan to all children. Initial funding is available from the Arts Council for 3 years and it is hoped that further money will be available from 2015.

    The collaboration of so many groups of musicians in the Hub is expected to increase the range of opportunities to all children and young people to different instruments and types of music from classical to modern and from traditional western styles to a range of world music.

    The Leicester-Shire Hub has already started meeting so high quality opportunities are available at the very beginning of next term.

    *The National Plan for Music requires every Hub to work on 4 core core requirements:

; Providing all primary children the opportunity to learn a musical instrument

    ; Providing all primary children the chance to learn to sing

    ; Enable children to sing and play together in groups to perform to others

    ; Enable all children and young people to progress in their musical learning to their potential

    There are also 3 optional extension activities (which the Leicester-Shire Hub will carry out)

; To support schools in professional development to teach music

    ; To run an instrument loan scheme

    ; To enable young people to see and take part in large scale musical events with professional


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