Chinese Music Instruments

By Pedro Gardner,2014-09-25 10:25
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Chinese Music InstrumentsChin

Chinese Music Instruments

    Some Chinese Musical Instruments

Some Chinese Musical Instruments (click image for music sample)

    ; Gu-qin (literally “Ancient Musical Instrument”). A seven string plucked Chinese

    musical instrument of zither family.

    Chinese Musical Instrument: Gu Qin (click image for a sample music)

    ; Gu-zheng. Traditional Chinese musical instrument typically with 21 strings.

Chinese Musical Instrument: Gu Zheng (click image for sample music)

; Er-Hu. A two-string bowed Chinese musical instrument, known in the West as the

“Chinese violin” or “Chinese two-string fiddle”.

Chinese Musical Instrument: Er Hu (click image for a sample music)

; Pi Pa. A plucked Chinese musical instrument with four strings. Sometimes called

the Chinese lute. It has a pear-shaped wooden body.

    Chinese Musical Instrument: Pi Pa (click image for sample music) ; Di Zi, or Bamboo Flute, is a Chinese traverse flute. Normally made of bamboo.

    There is also Dizi made of jade.

    Chinese Musical Instrument: Di Zi (click image for a sample music) ; Xiao. A Chinese vertical end-blown flute. Normally made of bamboo.

Chinese Musical Instrument: Xiao (click image for sample music)

; Yang Qin. A center piece in a Chinese musical band.

Chinese Musical Instrument: Yang Qin

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