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By Arthur Kennedy,2014-09-25 10:23
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    Type in the following Internet address in the location box:

    Search this site to find the answers to the following questions:

1. Is there little league baseball in Japan?

    2. Click on the map of Japan. In what region is Mount Fuji found?

    3. What does the most traditional Japanese meal consist of?

4. Click on the Search button in Kid’s Web Japan. Type in genkan. What is the

    genkan and what is it used for?

5. What must elementary children do every day?

6. Name three seas that surround Japan.

    7. Click on Tradition and culture, then on traditional musical instruments at the bottom. What is shamisen?

8. What is the name of the little white puppy in the Japanese Folk Tale Hanasaka


    9. What are three big fads among Japanese middle students?

10. What types of recycling are popular in Japan?

11. “Outside the classroom”, what do Japanese children like to do?

    12. What special characteristics does the island of Hokkaido have?

    13. What equipment would a person practicing Kyudo need?

14. How do you say “How do you do?” in Japanese?

    15. Name three special holidays/festivals that take place in February.

16. Japan’s economy is strong. What is Japan famous for manufacturing?

    17. Who wrote the first novel in the world and who is it about?

    18. Describe an exciting news event that happened in October 1998.

19. What do Eco Kids do in Japan?

    20. What and where were the coldest and hottest temperatures recorded?


    1. Yes

    2. Chubu Region

    3. Rice

    4. Genkan is the entranceway just inside the door where they take their shoes off.

    It is slightly lower than the hallway and other rooms in the house. 5. Clean the rooms, halls, toilets and yards of the school.

    6. The East China Sea, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk

    7. Shamisen-An instrument like a guitar that has 3 strings and is played using a


    8. The puppy’s name was Shiro, meaning white.

    9. Answers will vary.

    10. They are recycling steel cans, aluminium cans and bottles, also boxes, bags and

    PET bottles.

    11. They like to play video games, watch cartoons, play outdoor sports, collect

    stickers, buy CDs, take lessons on the piano and going to the beach.

    12. Hokkaido is very cold and snowy in the winter and is warm and nice in the summer.

    They grow potatoes and onions there and they supply most of Japan with dairy

    products. They also have a great fishing industry and sell scallops and kelp.

    Hokkaido is also a thriving tourist attraction.

    13. A bow and arrows.

    14. Hajimemashite

    15. They can name three of the following:

    ; Setsubun and bean throwing (February 3)

    ; Risshun

    ; National Foundation Day (February 11)

    th; St. Valentine’s Day (February 14)

    ; The Nagano Olympic Winter Games

    ; Sopporo Snow Festival

    ; School marathons

    16. Cars and household appliances

    17. The Tale of Genji was the first novel written by Murasaki Shikibu. It is about

    Hikaru Genji, a handsome aristocrat.

     18. They could describe one of the following events:

    ; Elderly Man to Sail Nonstop Around the World

    ; Making Electricity from Waves

    ; Kids Construct a Replica of Ancient Tomb

     19.Eco Kids is a clib in which kids work to protect their environment. 20. The hottest temperatures are in Tokyo and areas of Honshu (40 degrees

    Celsius). The coldest temperature was minus 41 degrees Celsius in Asahikawa.

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