Handook - Stand y Me Childcare and Enrichment Center

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Handook - Stand y Me Childcare and Enrichment Center

     Brownington Central School

     Student and Parent Handbook

     2012 2013

     103 Chase Road

     Brownington, VT 05860

    (802) 754-8467

     Fax (802) 754-6177


    Page 3 Receipt of Handbook, Home-School Compact and Internet Policy Page 4 Visiting Our School, Open Invitation to Parents Page 5 Mission and Philosophy Statements

    Page 6 School Board, Supervisory Union, Faculty and Staff Members Page 7 Schedule of Board Meetings

    Page 8 Arrival, Departure, Pick-up, Drop off, and Attendance of Students Page 9 Flag Salute, Fire Drill

    Page 10 Lock Down, Special Notices, School Rules, Discipline and Discipline Philosophy

    Page 11 School Climate, Discipline Procedure

    Page 13 Responsive Classroom and Discipline with Dignity Page 14 School Attire

    Page 15 Recess/PE Clothing, Early Dismissal and School Reach Page 16 Harassment, Bullying

    Page 17 Use of Electronic Devices, Digital Artifacts Policy Page 18 Bicycles, Backpacks, Field Trips, Participation in School Events Page 19 Wellness

    Page 20 Hot Lunch Program, Breakfast Program, Offer vs. Serve Page 21 Bus Rules, Consequences of Misbehavior on the Bus Page 24 Kindergarten Entrance Policy

    Page 24 School Health Services: Medication, Health Screenings, Head Lice Page 25 Illness and Injury at School

    Page 26 Report Card Information: Marking System, Honor Roll, Student Retention

    Page 27 Student Evaluation, Report Card Schedule

    Page 28

    Page 29 Home School Compact

    Page 31 School Policies: Confidentiality and Education Records Page 34 Volunteers and Work Study Students

    Page 35 Tobacco Prohibition

    Page 38 Student Conduct and Discipline

    Page 42 Bus Discipline

    Page 43 Search and Seizure

    Page 45 Interrogation or Searches of Students by Law Enforcement Personnel or Other

     Non-school Personnel

    Page 46 Student Records

    Page 50 Student Medication

    Page 51 Alcohol and Drugs

    Page 54 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

    Page 57 Student Activities

    Page 59 Interscholastic Sports

    Page 61 Harassment of Students

    Page 67 Weapons

    Page 69 Student Attendance

    Page 71 Pupil Privacy Rights: Student Surveys

    Page 74 Federal Child Nutrition Act: Wellness

    Page 75 Internet Use Agreement Policy


    *This copy is for your records. A copy of this is an insert in the front of this handbook to return to school with signatures.


August 27, 2012

Dear Parents,

     As a school system that receives Federal funds through the Titles program we are required to have on file the receipt of our handbook, home school compact, and internet policy by our parents. These funds are a large piece of our funding that provides supplemental services and interventions for all children at the Brownington School. It is imperative that we have this document on file for our auditors.

     We appreciate your review of these important documents with your child at their level of comprehension.

     Thank you for your participation and helping us to communicate our intent to provide the best education possible for your child.

Elaine Collins, Principal


I have received and reviewed: The Brownington Central School Handbook

     The Internet Policy

     The Home School Compact

     Digital Artifacts Policy

with my child(ren) ______________________________________________.

____________________________________ ______________________________

     date Parent/Guardian Signature



    Parents and other authorized guests are always welcome in our school. However, to help ensure the safety of the children and to provide for an uninterrupted learning environment, the following procedures are required:

    1. Whenever you enter the school please use the main entrance. All doors except the main entrance to the building will be locked. Once inside the entrance if you need to come into the building, the secretary will buzz you in.

2. Check in at the office where you will sign in.

    3. If you are bringing something to your child you may leave it at the office and we will be certain it is delivered to the classroom.

    4. If you are removing a child from school before dismissal you will need to sign the child out at the school office and the secretary will call the child down to the office.

    5. No teacher shall allow any person to enter the classroom, or leave the school grounds with a child without a duly authorized dismissal slip.

6. If you wish to observe your child’s classroom, or a particular part of his/her program, we will

    be pleased to make arrangements. Communicate your interest to the principal or classroom teacher so a date and time can be set.

    7. Teachers are available to speak with you (on some mornings) before school, during specials, and after school. The remaining times they are involved in direct instruction and should not be interrupted. Please consider this if you need to speak directly to a teacher.


    ; Come and have lunch with your child, from time to time. Please call the kitchen

    at extension 103 before coming so that Mrs. Eckel knows there will be extras.

    ; Bring your family to school events, to the public library.

    ; Enroll your children in extracurricular activities.

    ; Help your children to learn while you shop, cook, watch television, etc.

    ; Meet regularly with teachers and staff of your school.



     The staff and administration at Brownington Central School strive to provide an atmosphere conducive to excellence in learning, as well as social and emotional development. Furthermore, we believe that every child can learn and become successful. We believe in excellence for all. The staff and administration look forward to working with parents and students to achieve these goals.


     The purpose of elementary school is to include the whole community as a resource to equip all our children with the skills, attitudes, and self-confidence necessary to become lifetime learners and successful citizens of the changing world of which they are a part. School is not just about children: it encompasses families, parents, community, stakeholders, society, the environment and the world.

     The support of the community shall be valued and encouraged through regular interaction and communication, in as many ways as possible. Our school aspires to be a learning, cultural and social center for the entire community, within the context of a public school.

     Successful schools teach students to have “good values, compassionate hearts, a mighty

    work ethic, respect for others and a willingness to take responsibility for their actions. We will teach them to follow their passion and strive to succeed, but to never forget that we learn a lot from failure.” (Quote taken from a speech given by Ruben Navarrette Jr., speaking about Aaron

    Cooper’s work, a child psychologist)

     Our school’s educational experiences shall be equally available to all children without regard to sex, race, religion, handicapping conditions or ethnic background.


     SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Larry Chase Chair

    Chris Myott Member

    Paul Raybold Member

     SUPERVISORY UNION ADMINISTRATORS Steve Urgensen Superintendent of Schools 525-1209

    Heather Wright Business Manager 525-1209 x 139

    Kathy Poginy Director, Special Education Services 525-1209 x 105 Bev Davis Director, Curriculum and Instruction, 525-1209 x 140

     Homeless Liason


    Elaine Collins, x 101 Principal

    Aaron Larsen*, 117 40% Special Educator, OCSU Employee

    Anne Stern*, x 106 60% Special Educator, OCSU Employee, 40% Interventionist Sherry Montminy, x 107 Kindergarten

    Amy McCoy, x 109 Grade One

    Jennifer Ullrich, x 104 Grades Two and Three

    Anne Downs, x 105 Grade Four

    Michelle Bonneau, x 111 Grade Five and Six Humanities (Social Studies and LA) Jennifer Houston, x 112 Grade Five and Six Math and Science JoAnn Martin, x 113 Grade Seven and Eight Math and Science Kyle Chadburn, x 110 Grade Seven and Eight Humanities (SS and LA) Anna Kennedy, x 108 Music (20%)

    Amanda Newton, x 108 Instrumental Music (10%)

    Carol Woodard, x 116 Art (20%)

    Frank Daigneault*, x 102 Physical Education (40%)

    Mike Sharon, x 102 Custodian

    Melissa Lyons*, x 114 Interventionist (100%)

    Ellie Primeau*, x 115 Interventionist (100%)

    Joanne George, x 118 School Nurse, RN (100%)

    Jessica Burdick, x 102 Secretary

    Linn Stouffer*, x 102 Paraprofessional, OCSU

    Nina Peck*, x 104 Paraprofessional, OCSU

    Brian Fecher, x 104 Paraprofessional

    Cheryl Eckel, x 103 Head Cook

    Donna Smith*, x 103 Assistant Cook

    * Positions are partially funded using grant funds.

     The No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) requires that all teachers of core academic subjects (i.e. English, reading,

    language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, the arts, history and geography) be

    “highly qualified.” Two major components of “high qualified” are a teacher’s licensure status and his/her subject matter

    competency for his/her teaching assignment. Teachers must satisfy requirements of both licensure and subject mastery in order

    to satisfy the NCLB “highly qualified” requirement. Brownington Central School is proud to announce that all of our teachers

    have been certified as “highly qualified” with the exception of Kyle Chadburn, who is currently teaching under a provisional license for grade grades 7 8 social studies. Once Mr. Chadburn has taken and successfully passed the Praxis II test, he will be

    deemed highly qualified. Parents have the right to request information on the professional qualifications of their children’s

    classroom teachers (e.g., licenses held, degrees earned) including paraprofessional qualifications, if applicable. To do so, contact

    Elaine Collins, Principal, 754-8467 extension 101. Additionally, Vermont has policies and procedures in place incorporating

    IDEA child-find requirements, including notifying the public of the availability of special education services for eligible children

    aged 3 to 21 years. Similar provisions address child-find for students from birth to age 3. Kathy Poginy is the contact person at

    OCSU for these services.





     The school day begins at 8:10 and ends at 3:30. Students are allowed to enter the building after the last bus arrives at approximately 7:50. *No arrival earlier than 7:45.

     It is important that each child have the benefit of a full day's learning in school. The school day ends at 3:30 and, unless there is an emergency, children are not dismissed earlier. If you must pick up your child before 3:30, please go to the office and sign your child out. He/she will be brought to the office to meet you. We must ask visitors to remain in the office so we know who is in the building, both for safety reasons and so that instruction is not interrupted with visitors congregating in the hallways outside classrooms.


     If students arrive after 8:10, they are considered tardy, and parents need to come into the office to sign them in.

     Parents picking up their children earlier than 3:30 should park at the far back of the parking lot or on the right-hand side of the driveway for safety reasons. If bus lights are flashing, please remember that you cannot drive past the bus, even if it is in the parking lot. Parents must come into the office to sign children out.

     If there is a change in how your child is going home either for early dismissal or after school (i.e. different bus, home with a friend, or someone else picking the up) you must send a note to the office indicating such a change. If a note is not received in the office, then your child will be sent to his/her regular destination by his/her normal mode of travel. When a student is to be dismissed from school because of illness, parents will be contacted. Students may not leave the school grounds without permission from the Principal’s office. A last minute phone call to

    the office does not ensure that this change will occur.


     Students are expected, and legally bound, to attend school each day that school is in session. Students are considered truant after three unexcused absences. School policy and state law are consistent and clear on excused absences: when a student is sick or when a family emergency requires a student’s presence with his/her parents. If your child is not going to be in

    school on a particular day, please notify the school office by phone prior to 8:30 a.m. (You


may leave a message @ 754-8467, extension 102 anytime.) If we do not hear from you, we

    will attempt to contact the parent/guardian(s) at home or work to verify the student’s excuse and absence.

     Students who are absent more than five consecutive days will be required to have a signed doctor’s note stating the reason for their absence. After the first ten days of absence, a

    mandatory meeting with the school’s Educational Support Team (EST) will be required


    CHILD’S ABSENCES. Parents play an important role in developing a child’s attitude toward attending school. Here are some tips that will help parents in this attitude development:

    1. Show that you have a positive attitude toward school attendance.

    2. Allow your child plenty of time in the morning to get ready for school.

    3. Make every effort to schedule doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, music lessons,

    etc. before and after school.

    4. Refuse to write excuses for anything other than legitimate absences.

    5. Refuse to view tardiness as acceptable behavior and discourage early checkouts.

    6. Plan family vacations in accordance with the school calendar as much as possible.

    7. Talk to your child about responsibility and the need to develop good work habits

    and positive attitudes.

    8. Use good judgment. Don’t send a child who is really sick to school.

    Good attendance, aside from being the best educational plan for your child, also

    helps to increase the amount of money we receive from the state for state aid to

    education. There is a direct tie to the percentage of time that students are in the

    building to the amount of state aid that the school receives.


     The American Flag represents the strength of our nation and its determination to remain a free country. The flag salute is one way of showing our individual respect and determination to guarantee this freedom to all members of our American society. State law requires that the flag be flown each day at every school in the state of Vermont. Our own school practice has always been to begin the day with the flag salute. Some individuals may choose not to salute the flag because it is in conflict with their personal or religious beliefs. We must respect their right not to participate in the flag salute. At the same time, those who choose not to participate must show their respect for the rights of others by in no way distracting or interfering with the flag salute by the other members of the class.


     Students will be given fire drill information on the first day of school by their teacher. Students are to follow the directions of the staff member and leave the building as quickly as possible. Students are to wait with their class at a safe distance from the school until they are directed to re-enter the building. State law requires that we drill the students on a monthly basis.



     Lockdown drills, along with fire drills, have become part of the emergency procedures at school. In order to ensure safety, students will follow the directions of the staff member who is providing supervision when the drill occurs. Students and staff will be notified when the drill is over.


     The school will send home a hot lunch menu and events every month. This information is also available on the Brownington Central School website at

    Every child is given a school planner for constant, daily communication between parents and school. Please use this device to communicate any concerns in a timely manner to avoid serious conflicts. Every week folders are sent home with classroom work and notices that may need to be returned to the school. Parents may be required to sign these folders to ensure a healthy, positive communication system. On Fridays, a detailed lunch bill will be sent home. For students needing additional funds, an envelope will be attached. Our software program allows students to charge $15.00 on their lunch account and $5.00 on their snack account.


     It is our goal of the discipline procedure at the Brownington Central School to teach responsibility and self-discipline. Student behavior should reflect respect for rights of all involved in the educational process. Positive behavior is the shared responsibility of students, parents, staff, and the community. The discipline procedures of the Brownington Central School will reflect this shared responsibility.

     We expect students to follow the rules of the school and their class. These rules are established to create a safe school and one where students can focus on their studies. Teachers will handle most discipline problems that are not seriously disruptive to the instructional process. When the behavior is so intense or repetitive that instruction is being disrupted, there are procedures in place to address such behaviors.


     The teachers and staff of the Brownington Central School are committed to keeping the atmosphere productive and safe at all times. In order for this to be accomplished, we use the techniques and system of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBiS). PBiS is an

    approach to elementary teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. The goal is to enable optimal student learning. Created by


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