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    Spring Summer 2010

    The Centre for the Arts at Bloorview Kids Rehab offers a wide range of creative arts programming for children and youth of all abilities. All of our programming is suitable for children 3 18 with special needs, their friends, and siblings. Programmes are integrated with priority given to those with special needs. Program start up is based on full enrollment and confirmation will be provided prior to the first scheduled session. Early registration is encouraged given the limited number of spaces. All program registration forms must be signed and fee paid in full prior to the commencement of service.

Spring Studio programmes will run for 8 weeks from April 12 June 6, 2010 (there

    will be no classes May 31, 22, 23, 24) with make-up week ending June 13 Spring Music programmes will run for 10 weeks from 10 weeks April 10 June 19

    (there will be no classes May 31, 22, 23, 24) with the makeup week ending June 26th

The Summer Season will run from July 5 September 3

Cancellation Policy

    Please note that 1:1 lessons/therapy require 24 hr. cancellation notice to reschedule, otherwise the session is forfeit. The sessions must be completed within a seasonal block. At the beginning of a season, your instructor/therapist will notify you of your options for a maximum of one make-up session.

    If a session is missed due to staff illness or severe weather, as determined by the Management of Bloorview Kids Rehab, you will be contacted as to an additional make-up day or remuneration.



    Participation in art or music therapy is contingent on the completion of an individual assessment. This will help to understand your child’s needs and to place your child in the appropriate group.

Community Music Therapy Services

    Led by Music Therapy Staff

    What is Music Therapy? It is the skillful use of music and its elements, such as rhythm, dynamics, and form, as a medium for positive change. It can encourage social behaviour, promote receptive and expressive communication, help to motivate movement, and redirect those behaviours that can challenge. We use traditional musical instruments and adaptive technologies in a variety of stimulating and musically satisfying tasks to help each child or youth to be successful within the structure of individualized treatment plans. 10 sessions (1/2 hr each), times to be arranged Costs: $500 (Therapist), $300 (Intern)

Music Lessons Ages 6+ $300

    Led by Thyra Andrews

    Learn to play an instrument! Our teachers employ a variety of traditional and adapted music technology in our music education program for people with and without special needs. Instruments include: the *Virtual Musical Instrument (VMI), piano, guitar, voice, and percussion. A variety of teaching methods is used including elements of the Suzuki method and the Figurenotes notation system. Openings are available Tuesday to Saturday.

    * The VMI is music software developed at Bloorview Kids Rehab and is now available for purchase. The program allows you to see yourself on a screen, draw colourful shapes around your image, and assign instruments to each shape. When you move through the shapes, music is produced!

Music Therapy Group for Children with Special Needs Ages up to 18 years

    Led by Music therapy Staff

    Tuesdays, 4:15 5pm, Thursdays 4:15 5pm

    Saturdays 10:15 11am OR 11:15 12pm

    Cost $235

Introduction to Music (formerly Musical Booster) 3 5 years $150

    Led by Music Therapy Staff

    Saturday 9:15 10:00

    “Boost” your child’s confidence in this fun, integrated musical environment. Parental

    involvement is slowly reduced, allowing the child to experience a successful transition to independent participation

Art Therapy Individual/ Group for Children with Special Needs

    Wed. 4:30 5:15pm

    Led by Shawna Perkins Ages 4 +

    Please contact us to inquire about an initial assessment. Individual: $500

    Group: $250

Spiral Garden Studio

    Like the Spiral Garden program, this indoor studio provides a range of possibilities giving children the opportunity to follow their own interests. All sessions are run by Spiral Garden Artists who bring their talent and expertise to animate the participants’ experience. Art practices offered include painting and ceramics, music, movement and visual art, drumming, storytelling and poetry. Artists are paired depending on their practice to enhance participants experience even further.

Thursdays 6:30 8pm Ages 13 - 18 $175

    Led by Felicity Williams and Robert Vine

    Come gather in a circle of rhythm, rhymes, beats, friends and folly. The artists invite you to play with a range of percussive devices and play with words. This spring we will gather around the fire in the garden or in the studio, if Mother Nature insists!

Saturdays 1 3pm Ages 6 + $195

    Led by Jenny Clark and Sue Cohen

    These two artists offer ceramics and painting to the participants in a dynamic environment encouraging individual creativity and imagination.

ArtsXPress Saturdays 10:30 12 Ages 4 12 $ 175

    Led by Felicity Williams and Ellen Paonessa

    Interact and play through music, visual arts drama, puppetry, stories and sensory activities. Engage in developing a story that will guide the activities for the duration of this programme!

Art Kitchen Fridays 5 - 7pm Ages 6 12 $215

    Led by Shannon Crossman and Jenny Clark

    Its Spring and time to sow cold-weather crops. Come plant peas and radishes and harvest lambs’ quarters and fiddleheads. Celebrate the season by cooking the local and seasonal foods. Try your hand at ceramics, textiles and other art projects.

Digital Photography - Light Writers Saturdays 1 3pm Ages 12 18


    Led by Brenda Spielmann

    Taking photographs is “Writing with Light”. Investigate combining poetry and journal writing with photographs to create a magazine. Photoshop will be explored if the participants have interest and experience.

Dance Theatre Fridays 4:30 6:00 Ages 12 - 18 $185

    Led by Robin Gertin

    Participants will enjoy being creative together through a playful exploration of movement, dance, drama and visual arts. A performance sharing piece at the end of our session will celebrate this warm and inclusive social opportunity for self-expression.


Spiral Garden Ages 6 18 years $235

Session 1 July 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15

    Session II July 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29

    Session III August 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12

    Session IV August 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26

    This is an integrated, outdoor art, gardening and play programme that has been integral to Bloorview Kids Rehab since 1984. This innovative programme, staffed by artists, brings

    together children and youth with and without disabilities from the community and Bloorview to explore self and collective expression through a variety of art media. This year Fountain of Youth will be integrated into the full spectrum of activities with Spiral Garden. Stay tuned for Fountain of Youth programming in the fall.

Dance Theatre Camp

    Led by Robin Gertin and Andre Gordon $295

    August 30 September 3 Monday to Friday 9:30 3:30

    Move, dance, act in the magical environment of Spiral Garden Dance Camp participants will enjoy being creative together through a playful exploration of movement, dance, drama and visual arts. A performance sharing piece at the end of the week will celebrate this warm and inclusive social opportunity for self-expression.

Weekend Respite Day Programme

    Led by Jenny Clark and Lynn Simmons

    Sundays 12:30 7:30pm Apr. 10, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 30, June 6 & 13

    Arts, music and recreation form the content of this program which provides respite for families.

    It offers opportunities for self expression, learning and social interaction in a safe, caring and creative environment.

    Priority is given to those with complex physical disabilities and/or developmental delay. Staffing includes an RPN.

    Please call for further details

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