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    TX-2002A7-type Inverter air conditioner cooling heating

    comprehensive experimental equipment (seventh



     Seventh-generation cooling heating laboratory equipment using frequency conversion techniques, first single-phase AC power supply through the rectifier bridge rectifier into DC, but also by the three-phase inverter bridge to DC "inverter" into the three-phase AC adjustable frequency of random, Automatic compressor speed to achieve energy-saving purposes. Also new to add other types of air-conditioning, refrigerator system and the circuit more than a dozen models will help

    students to better grasp the cooling system of heating technology. Split air-conditioning for the three-dimensional structure of the simulation in front of indoor unit, the rear for the simulation of outdoor units, indoor units to improve as a true air-conditioning components, air-conditioning fully transparent shell jacket really.

     Refrigerator also has been improved, before and after the cell separation: in front of the freezer, followed by the refrigerator compressor, studio, and installation of the temperature regulator.

     In addition, in order to overcome the refrigerator, air-conditioning temperature display problems, seventh-generation products has increased the detection circuit digital temperature display system, can be visually observed cooling and heating system, the temperature of each key point.

     1. Significant features:

    1. The overall structure of inverter air conditioner, line, performance,

    control method and inverter air conditioner on the market entirely


    2. Multiple-point temperature collection, road detection, digital


    3. Pure DC inverter air conditioner uses cutting-edge technology,

    saving energy, the expense of teaching.

    4. The overall design is reasonable, compact, so that laboratories and

    better visibility.

    5. Software and hardware combination can increase the pilot project.

     6, with a pure software simulation of refrigeration, heating the entire process.

     2. Temperature and ground survey system features:

     Temperature Circuit detection system can detect the refrigerators and split air conditioner temperature critical points.

     A. Can detect the key points are:

    1. Normal ambient temperature

    2. Air-conditioning compressor exhaust pipe

    3. Air-conditioning compressor back to the trachea

    4. Air-conditioning condenser air vents

    5. Air-conditioning evaporator air outlet nozzles

    6. Refrigerator Compressor

    7. Refrigerator Condenser

    8. Refrigerator Evaporator

     B. Basic operations:

     Cooling heating system to work, click the "temperature ground survey" unit bottom left of the green indicator light on the button below to make the green indicator light, temperature and ground survey system to start. At this time the key point temperature measurement.

     This system has an automatic reset function, when the testing is completed, after a few seconds delay, the system will automatically reset.

     3. Examination system features:

    1. The computer can monitor 1-126 Taiwan inverter air conditioning

    heating intelligence assessment units.

    2. Have set more than 10 point of failure. (And can extend the

    point of failure)

    3. Has the function of fat volume.

    4. A winding function.

    5. Papers with a single function and all the papers cleared Clear


    6. With auto-detect the inverter air conditioner cooling heating

    intelligent assessment of Taiwan's communications online.

    7. Can generate transcripts of individual students.

    8. Student assessment can be carried out statistical analysis.

    9. Can have access to the system password and change your


     10, with printing functions.

     4. Inverter air conditioner cooling system, a comprehensive test-bed

    heat technical requirements:

     Power Supply: AC220V ? 5% (single phase)

     Rated frequency: 50Hz

    o Maximum remote distance / angle range: 8m/80

    Noise: Within 37 - 44dB

Foreign 55dB

     Ambient temperature: -5 ? ~ 40 ?

     Relative humidity: ? 85% (25 ?)

     Machine power:: <1KW

     Dimensions: 160cmX80cmX117cm

     Compressor power: air-conditioning 1ph

     Refrigerator 1/10ph

     Refrigerant Type: Air-conditioning: R22 Refrigerator: R12

     Air-conditioning work: DC inverter

     5. Air-conditioning refrigerator system flow Internship Program:

     1. An ordinary single-door refrigerators System Flow

     2. Two-door Direct cool refrigerator cooling system flow

     3. two-door refrigerator refrigeration system between the cold flows

     4. Single-door Direct cool refrigerator electronic control system processes

     5. two-door inter-cool refrigerator electronic control system processes

     6. Thermistor thermostat system flow

     7. GR204EIC Thermostat System Flow

     8. Split heat pump air conditioner system flow

     9. Split heat pump air conditioner electronic control system processes

     10. window-type pump-type air conditioner system flow

     11. Air-cooled cabinet air conditioner electronic control system


     12. Refrigerators dynamic demonstration system

     13. Split heat pump air conditioner Dynamic Demonstration System

     14. Refrigerators simulation demonstration system (hardware)

     15. Inverter air conditioner simulation demonstration system (hardware)

     6. Air-conditioner installation and operation with the following breakdown:

     Fault Name Fault Set Method


     Fluorine leak Air port from the cut-off valve I put 1


     Capillary plugging Guan cut-off valve II, all off the 2

    entire block, half-closed or half-block

     Too much fluoride From the cut-off valve I inflatable 3

    mouth and fluoride to 1.25 times the


     Compressor suction I fully closed off valve that is the 4

    port plug whole block, semi-closed or half-block

     Dirty condenser Sealed with a glass surface of the 5

    blocked condenser inlet

     Evaporator dirty block Sealed with a glass surface of the 6

    evaporator inlet

     Compressor overload Fault code BK 7

    protection device

     Compressor Start Fault code BM 8


     No heating Fault code BL 9

     Outdoor fan does not Fault code BO 10


     Indoor fan does not Fault code BN 11


     Temperature Control Fault code BS 12

    not working

     Remote Control Fault code BP 13

    Receiver Head Damage

     Rectifier power circuit Fault code BF 14


     Cooling system failure The coil remove the temperature 15


     Damper does not Fault code BY 16


     Temperature probe Fault code BR 17


     +5 V power supply Fault code BG 18


     +12 V power failure Fault code BV 19

     Remote control Fault code BU 20


     7. Refrigerators have the following failures established and operated


     Fault Name Fault Set Method No.

     Fluorine leak Air port from the cut-off valve I put 1


     Capillary plugging Guan cut-off valve II, all off the entire 2

    block, half-closed or half-block

     Too much fluoride From the cut-off valve I inflatable 3

    mouth and fluoride to 1.25 times the


     Compressor suction Overload protection device with the 4

    port plug bad instead of good

     Compressor Start Does not match with the capacitance of 5

    Capacitor Failure replacing a good or bad

     Non-stop Fault code C 6

     Non-stop Fault code D 7

     Light does not shine Fault Code E 8

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