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    Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou Beijng

    GSTS Management Action Plan for Q4 Key Diver 2010

Key Driver: Knowledge of staff Low Performance High Impact

    Overall Champion: Leavis Shao

    Impact Current Improvement Opportunity: Action to Take: Measurement Action by: Target Completion Factor: Month Date:


    1.0 90.4 1.Fully implement Initiative training plan 1a, Each section design and update initial training plan and hand 100% of New staff -Departmental trainer Apr.30, 2011

     for New on-boarding staff it to new staff received initial training

     plan on first day of


     1b, Every subject completed in initial training plan must be Record clear indicated Restaurant Managers Apr.. 30, 2011

     indicated :PASS or Failed which tested by trainer and signed by in initial training plan


     1c, Any staff who failed in testing must have a record and refresh Record clear indicated -Dept. Trainers Apr.30,2011

     training must be taken until he/she passed last examination in initial training plan

    2.Improve training effectiveness 2a, Improve staffs willingness on participation through Clear training Dept. Trainers Apr.30, 2011

     understanding on the benefits and purpose of training objectives and

     benefits of training are

     included training


     2b, Evaluate training result through spot check to participants. Evaluation Report Pauline/F&B Trainers Apr.30,2011

    3.Improve casual labor training Record in section Restaurant Managers Mar.15,2011 3a, Casual labor were briefed on job requirement of respective

     logbook outlets before they start to work

Have information card Dept. Trainers Mar.30,2011 3b, Make a pocket size information card with basic info of the

respective outlet ready and approved

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