MY notebook album

By Grace Henry,2014-06-23 19:37
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MY notebook album

MY notebook album

     I first saw it in the shop window when I was a senior high school student. To others , ordinary notebook as it was , I fell in love with it at the first sight, because there was a word poweron its front cover. I

    thought I needed power as a senior 3 student.

     Then I brought it without any hesitation. I loved it not only for the

    word power, but because of the all-black cover with the red word. I liked this style of color. The notebook was about 1 centimeter thick. It seemed that I was really full of strength when I held it in my hand. But soon I put it aside and didnt took it out until the college entrance

    examination was ended. One day ,I took the note book out and opened it, being aware that all the pages were blank as my life in the future. And I decided to do something to make it substantial. I have asked for the views of my mother, she said,you have had many note books for writing, why

    dont you make it specialer than others since you like it so much?

    Mothers words made me think my beloved photos. So I pasted the photos on the note book,with one to two sentences as their descriptions.

     I came to this college with my note book album on September,2011, and started my new life. There are still many pages blank,and waiting for me to plate and write my life. I think theyre just like my life pictures.

    There are a lot of bright or dark color on it, on the other hand,there are

much spare room for me to create better paintings.

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