Online shopping report

By Sarah Taylor,2014-04-26 10:23
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Online shopping report

    A survey on

    graduate students’on-line shopping

    Major:Hydraulic Structure

    Name:Cai Shanshan




    After two weeks hard work, we finally completed the investigation report through the co-operation of the whole group. Here,I must thanks for each person in my group who helped me with sending the questionnaires, sorting out the data and drawwing the charts. I learned a lot from them ,both mentally ang technically. Meanwhile ,I should show my best respects to the people who has writen the questionnaires for us.Without them,we can hardly get the most important parts of the survey----data. After our discussion without stopping , careful statistical and several modifications,we finished the survey with the best efforts eventually.


    We did the survey on on-line shopping of graduate students. We used the way of sending questionnaires ,analyzing the data and then making the conclusion. We found that more and more people tended to on-line shopping no matter girls or boys and they also were optimistic about the prospects of this way of shopping even though its prblems that showed to the customers.I think the on-line shopping will be more popular if its Security issues has been solved. Introduction

    In recent years more and more people choose online shopping, and a lot of people think girls are gooing online shopping once free just like boys are playing games on cpmputer . We want to know the people’s viewpoints about on-line shopping as well as their experience or lessons

    through the investigation in as to reference. This article includes Methodology, Analysis ,Conclusion and Restrict.


    We used the way of questionnaires investigation.Through our heated discussion,we summarized thirteen questions such as the frequency,categories,prospect and experience on the investigation paper . Then we sended thirty papers to graduate students that mostly were Grade One. After got the questionnaires back ,we sorted the data and drawed the graphs to make the result clear . In the end , we made the conclusion .I will analyze the data and graphs that were feeded back by the questionnaires as follows.


    We got all the questionnaires back and all of them are effective.We drawed eight bar graphs and six circle graphs which were based on the percentage of people who choosed the option for the eleven questions (NO.1 are 100% and NO.13 are narrative questions).The pie graphs are drawed by dividing the girls and the boys into two ones, while the bar graphs synthesized them into the same graph so as to compare them easily in every option.

    As you can see ,all the survey objects have the experience of on-line shopping no matter girls or boys. But the interval time of the different gender are a little different :it all gatheres in a week, a month or even longer,but someone among the girls goes on-line shopping twice or three times a week.That may explained the girls’ shopping are a little frequent .From NO.3,we can see the shopping funds of more than half of the boys are less than 100 yuan one month , the girls’ are less

    than 100 yuan or 100~300 yuan one month . Overall, girls spend a little more time and money

than boys on on-line shopping ,but they are all restraint.

    All the people choose on-line shopping for many reasons such as saving time ,more selective,cheap,fashion and so on,and saving time and cheap are a bit more important than others. They choose TaoBao mostly as it exists longer. Girls tend to buy clothes or beauty products as

    boys tend to buy clohes and other things. Both of them consider quality and price more when they buy something , hope the stores can give the preferential policies of free shipping or specials and are afraid that the item description is not clear.

    When refer to the Satisfaction, most people are satisfied or just so so ;and girls may accept silently or argue with the stores while boys may argue or give bad evaluations if not satisfied which highlight the different character of the boys and girls. Even though the satisfaction are not so good , most people are optimistic about the development of on-line shopping. Meanwhile they hope the security should be strengthened. At last, most people give the advice that one should consider the details of goods as well as sales.


    Baed on the analysis of the data and graphs ,we concluded :

    1.Girls spend a little more time and money than boys on on-line shopping ,but they are all restraint as they are students.

    2.They choose on-line shopping for saving time and money and they buy clothes most.

    3.The on-line shopping has a great deal of rooms for improvement since people are not very satisfied and the security should be strengthened.


    As the number of the questionnaires we distributed out are limited ,and the objects are limited to Grade One ,so our results may not accurate.

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