My Lucky Life

By Kevin Cruz,2014-12-09 10:43
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My Lucky Life

    My Lucky Life

     赵若迪 窑店中学92班;咸阳;陕西

    I am a happy girl. I live a colorful life every day ,which brings something new or a new start to me .

    This year, I am in Grade Nine. My classmates are so good and honest .Our teachers are quite kind. We learn in a pleasant situation. A lot of fun happens every day. In school, we listen carefully in class. After class, we have a rest and talk about our

    idols .We have different hobbies .But we are like one family . It is a great feeling.

    After school, I went home .My mother always cooks something delicious for me. At the same time, my father watches news on TV or read newspaper. After dinner, we watch some beneficial health programs .At eight every night, I go back to my bedroom to do homework as usual. Though there is

    a lot of homework ,sometimes I feel a little tired. But I always say to myself :Believe in yourself; I make it .I

    am making a great progress in learning step by step. I am very happy and excited.

    Now, I am still a student .But I hope to design something fashionable. I hope I can become a fashion expert in the future . My mother is always encouraging me like this ,“Hope is in

the hands of the younger generation!

In my opinion, as long as you put effort into something, you will succeed

someday. I believe I will work harder to enjoy my lucky life.

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