differences between the life in high school and in college

By Billy Martinez,2014-05-06 03:35
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differences between the life in high school and in college

    Tabitha 47

    There are a lot of differences between the life in high school and in college.They make us change a lot.

    We have some spare time at college while we have to study all the time at high school.Study is our only task when we are at high school .We dont have time to do what we want to do,we cant develop our interest.We have to prepare for College Entrance Examination and we cant think about anything

    else.Our school life is filled with exams and exercise.But at college,we have more spare time.There are fewer classes everyday.We can arrange our time by ourselves and we have enough time to develop our hobbies by taking part in activities.Study isnt the only task any more and it becomes one of the chief tasks.In my opinion,high school and college are two periods of our study.The former is the basis,so its

    necessary for us to spend more time on accumulating knowledge at high school.

    At high school ,there are a lot of rules,but in college,students are much more free.When students have classes at high school,they couldnt do anything else except

    listening to the teacher.If they do something else like drinking water,they will be criticized by the teacher directly.In the classes of college,the teachers are more tolerant.They will

    Tabitha 47

    never criticize you in public as long as you dont affect their

    classes.In some elective subjects ,the teachers even dont

    know each students name.But dont foget to be careful when

    you have classes,anyway ,we should respect our

    teachers.Whats more,if students arent in school uniforms or

    they dress up strangely,they will not be allowed to go into the gate of high school.So you will always see students in the same clothes at high school.But at college ,you can dress up in any way you like.Dyeing hair ,wearing earrings,nobody will say no

    to you.You can find a lot of girls in black stockings dressed up beautifully in the campus of college.I think the rules at high school are used to avoid the effect from outside world ,so we can study more carefully.At college ,were adults.We have our

    own judgment and we should know what to do.

    At high school,the teachers always supervise the students studying and teach them how to study.But at college,most of the teachers only teach their own classes well and dont tell the

    students when and how to study.It doesnt mean that the

    teachers at college are lazy.Its time to learn how to study

    by ourselves.At college,you neednt be worried about being

    asked to hand in yesterdayhomework.The teachers will not

    invite your parents to have a chat any more.You can decide

    Tabitha 47

    how to study by yourself.

    To sum up ,high school and college are two different periods in our life.We accumulate speculative knowledge in high school and absorb practical experience in college ,we should become more and more mature during this challenging life.

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