A Sep, 06 graduate of MBA marketing, from Barbican University ...

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A Sep, 06 graduate of MBA marketing, from Barbican University ...

    Syed Fareed Ahmad

    A/204, Shumail Arcade, Block 17, Gulistan-e-joher, Karachi ? Cellular: +92 (0333) 2097182 ? Landline +92 (021) 4816891

A July, 99 graduate of B.E Metal cutting Mechanical machines, from Samara State Technical University,



     To utilize the best of abilities to accomplish the assigned task & eager to put all learned skilled in action,

    by working hard.


    ; B.E (Metal Cutting Machines and Tools )

    ; Specialization (Designing and Exploitation of Metal –Cutting

    ; Machines and Mechanical Complexes)

    Samara State Technical University, (Samara), Russia Excellent

    July, 1999

Course Projects

     1.Theory of Machine Building Production 7. Engineering Drawing

    2. Fundaments of Machine Building 8. Hydraulic Pneumatic Drivers

    3. Resistance of Materials 9. Technical Norms and Accuracy in Machine 4. Moulding and Casting Processes Building

    5. Instrument of Machine Building Production 10. Theoretical Principles of Machine Building

    6. Mathematical Modelling and Computer aided of 11. Theory of Instrument Production

    Machine Instruments

    ; D.A.E in Radio Television & Electronic Engineering 1st Division.

    Jamia Milya Polytechnic Institute, Karachi, Pakistan

    May, 1992

    ; Technical School Certificates “B” grade.

    ; Govt. Comprehensive High School, Karachi, Pakistan

    ; March, 1987


Personal Business Consulting Engineer Aug-2006 > Dec-2007

Doing Consultancy for many establishments in the area of Mechanical Engineering and

    Machine Building

    1 S. Fareed Ahmad | +92 (0333) 2097182

Shaheed Metal Industries Dhaka Bangladesh

    Production Engineer Apr-2003 > June-2006

    ; Manufacturer of wide range of Tools

Fancy Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi

    Production Engineer Dec-1999 > Dec-2001


    ; Personnel Management

    ; Inventory Control

    ; Machines Installations and Troubleshooting

Ashhad Weaving

    Production Manager Feb-2002>Jan-2003

    ; Personnel Management

    ; Inventory Control

     Machines Installations and Troubleshooting


    ; Office Automation

    ; Microsoft Window (All Versions)

    ; Microsoft Office Suites (All Versions)


     ; Hard Working, Target Oriented, Consistent, Optimistic

    ; Fine presenter at The Samara State University of Engineering and Technology(final Year Project).

    ; Effectual command on the English

    ; Friendly nature, good team player.


-Cricket, & Hockey -News channels, Physical Exercise, Internet, Travelling,

    -Books Readings (History, Politics & Poetry) -Literature Review of the Mechanical Engineering


NAME Syed Fareed Ahmad

    NATIONALITY Pakistani stDATE OF BIRTH 21 JULY 1972



    References are available on request

    2 S. Fareed Ahmad | +92 (0333) 2097182

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